Los Santos Worldwide Rp | New server | Looking for members and devs| vMenu | 6+ departments | Non-whitelisted


Los Santos Worldwide RolePlay

Our Website: https://lswrp1.wixsite.com/lswrp

Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lswrp/

We are a FiveM community build on our members. we cannot succeed and expand without our member’s help. We provide high-quality vehicles and a very fun/safe roleplay environment for our players to enjoy.

4+ Departments including BCSO | LSPD | SAHP | LSFD | WHITELISTED CIV
We have Teamspeak
24/7 Roleplay experience
We Prioritise our players over anything else
2 Monthly Giveaways (currently active)
Top tier Redneck & Redsaint vehicles
We have a CAD
We also host fun events for our community to enjoy

Management and Staff Team is highly trained to assist you with whatever you need help with. Our staff team has high standards which means they’re professional and mature.

We are inspired to be a professional well-known organization/server. We are a fast-growing community. Were not only a community but a family. A place to meet new players and maybe a place to have a little fun together. We are mature, positive, caring, and last but not least very professional with wonderful people on the team! LSWRP needs you so let’s make history together…

LSWRP is a server dedicated to the improvement and growth of its community. We look to use our brand/expertise to support and guide our players into their own growth and success!

Join and you won’t regret your experiences with us


2 members away from 20.

quick updates,
we are purchasing lots of vehicles from redneck and other people.
No EUP yet :frowning:
but lots of departments are starting to be 100% fully operational including the Los Santos Fire Department


We have broken the 20 members barrier. !!!
still no EUP yet :disappointed_relieved:
BUT we are nearly all set up !


we got eup!

server is 90% fully done.

30 MEMBERS !!!

We now have :
Penal codes
All police departments done
Civ vehicles in game
LSFD now have over 15 vehicles
and much much more !

server is 100% done. with now 80 members and increasing !


Join the SAHP now !