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Los Santos Roleplay

A state wide server that focuses on the city!

 About LS:RP

The Los Santos Roleplay community started to form in the first quarter of 2021 with the idea of a server that actually provides a realistic roleplay experience. After learning from other server’s mistakes we took them in and tried to learn from their mistakes to create something fun but more enjoyable and better, That is where the WOSA framework comes into place, After you login to our server, create and personalise your character from there you can pick up to 7 public legal jobs or you can take to the streets and make your money selling drugs or shipping guns around the map, The choice is yours, Will you fall and fail at life or will you rise to the top and have a million dollar property with a 20 car garage? We are currently in private beta to get the last things touched up, All depts needs leaders and we also need a few beta testers/staff members. You may apply in the discord!


●San Andreas State Police - closed
●Los Santos Police Department - Open
●Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Open
●San Andreas Fire And Rescue - Open
●San Andreas Department Of Communications - Open


●FivePD (for leo when no civs are on)
●Teamspeak RTO
●Custom EUP
●Custom LEO, Fire and EMS Vehicles
●And Much More!

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got a new discord link?

SAFR Tanker ERT to a fire!

The BCSD & SAFR are currently looking for leaders, If you have leadership skills and think you are a good fit then join today

A few snaps of our framework character registration

Custom leo radar system for LSPD and BCSD! It reads AI and CIV vehicles!
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https://discord.gg/HE478J9j2t :slight_smile: Screenshot (873)

SA Communication is currently looking for more people, You can sit in game or out of game to dispatch join the discord for more information SA Communication logo

Gas station fire turned to a all-hands and got to bring out HAZ-MAT! We are still recruiting join today!

A glimpse of our flight system

Check out our discord for our server promo :slight_smile:

We now have 3 videos up on tiktok with almost 1k views! Join our discord for our tiktok link :slight_smile: We are also still hiring for all departments!

WE have reverted back to Vmenu