Los Santos Life ll Serious Role Play ll Economy Based ll Custom Cars ll Custom MLO's ll Adult Staff ll EU/UK/NA/AUS Server

Los Santos Life is a qbus, custom EU/NA Server run by mature adults with lots of Role Play experience. We are a serious role play public server that opened on Tuesday 13th July 2021 to the public. We have whitelist Police and EMS and have a wide range of non-whitelist jobs with illegal jobs like robberies and drugs. Now is the perfect time to join as we have a range of opportunities open. Come and join us, today!

We have:
Custom Map
Custom Scripts
Custom jobs
Shop and Bank robberies
Jewellery Robberies
Gangs and a Black Market
Drugs and drug making
Custom Clothing & Hair
Custom Interiors
Community Events
Custom Police & EMS
Extra usable Food and Drink items
Nike Sports, Upper Pillbox, PD, Custom Weasel News Building and many more Custom MLO’s - These are hidden all over the map!
Custom Clothing and Uniforms
250+ Custom Cars and Bikes
Custom PD Cars
Fully Working Trunk and Glovebox
Over 300 Houses to Buy.
Donation Cars and Weapons - coming soon!
Car Rentals
Several Drug Locations with Individual Sell Locations


Great server, always being updated, FPS is always high and iv never experienced any lag!

A great server, that is a lot of fun.

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Come and join us! Event being held this Friday!