Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) Pack [ NON-ELS]

Today I bring you a WIP Fire Pack, this pack is far from done and more changes will come! This pack is a full add-on and FiveM ready.

Upcoming updates:

  • More detail to the Vic and Explorer (e.g More extras and such)
  • Few more vehicles (Fire Truck, Ambulance and maybe a helicopter)
  • Custom Carcols
  • Better Livery

Crown Vic:

Spawn name - firevic

EXTRAS: 0 At the minute

Ford Explorer:

Spawn name - fireexp

Rambar - Extra 2






Ford Explorer & Crown Victoria Dev Model - Thehurk
Skin - Mikker & me ( I changed logo)
Lightbar - Matrix Customs/DevinKan
Grill/Boot lights - Rockstar
All metas done by me.

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COOl good job but you posted it in Discussion thoe mybe get a mod to move it to Releases

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Ah yee, first time releasing on here haha, Mod please move it haha

Moved to resource Devlopment & Modding : Releases


Are there any templates? Also vehicles look nice

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should be next update.

hi love this however i have one thing to pick at, please could you look into the fact that if you are going over 20mph in the explorer then if you take a turn it will roll?

I downloaded this pack and first thing I see is there is no Carcols file. There is carvariations and vehicles, but not carcols?

Please update

i been looking for hrs for something like this plz do more and thank you so much