Los Santos 1975 | 70s Based RP | Serious Roleplay | Custom Features (Notebook/Phones, etc) with Active Development | Lots of Crime and Legal jobs | Grooviest GTA FiveM RP Server | All positions OPEN!

Great Community and Loving Staff

A group of GREASERS have moved into town…
Looks like they are primed and ready for illegal street racing.
Do you have what it takes to race against the 1320?

It’s been only a few days since I’ve been on this server but it’s been one of the better servers I have played on in FiveM. Unique, entertaining, and fun. Friendly and approachable people.

Welcome one and all! We can’t wait to welcome you all in!

More clothing and more jobs!!
A good gang of PUNKS would be perfect for the 70s!!

Come on down to Salieri’s and have some Spaghetti!

Hope to see more ppl in the city <3 love being around

Great vibe, easy to join the RP. Maybe come join a gang?

Absolutely amazing Rp server, one of the best I’ve been apart of. The server itself and the community really make it worthwhile!!

Worth the time to play :+1:t3:

Join the warriors? Thanks.

No but check out the city