Looking to start server

Hello there I have been in role-playing games for about 12 years now and had x number of servers and helped server owners as well but feel the urge to start in RedM server host.

Looking for several positions such as devs who want to start and build a nice group together where we all respect each other,

staff positions as usual. have a server, but of course it needs fine tuning, etc., which I think you do as a team.

I am available within (CEST) time.
interested? send me a DM

I am willing to join you in starting a server if you are still interested!

i need help with my server just starting it if you are interested

what you need help with? what server idea you have?

what can you do in server work?

I have a lot a decent bit of experience with deving for Fivem but none with redm

i have a server/and a discord and a developer and we believe in quality RP is the way to go if you all want to merge or become one to create a solid mission.