▶ Looking to start a RP server[ 16+ | Whitelisted ]

I am looking at creating a whitelisted RP community, and am seeking some like-minded individuals to help create and run a community together! I envision a vibrant, friendly, and active community where like-minded roleplayers come together to share unique and enhanced experiences. Our goal is to provide equal content for all kinds of roleplay, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can make new friends and enjoy their passion for roleplaying.

How would we be unique?

Our server stands out with meticulously crafted assets, an experienced community, management team, and a commitment to inclusivity. We offer equal opportunities for all roleplayers, forming a vibrant and welcoming environment.

:exclamation: Requirements:

16 Years of Age.
Communication and teamwork skills.
Willingness to dedicate time and effort to help grow and maintain the community.
Commitment to upholding the community’s rules, standards, and values.
Able to write and speak English.

:arrow_forward: Would be helpful:

Previous experience
Administrative Skills
Real life experience
Development experience

If you want to contact me you can do so on discord [moxxie1.]