Looking to start a community with experienced individuals!

Hi there!

I’m an experienced individual looking to start a new city with anyone!!

My preference is ESX and I’m happy to do whichever place out of America or Australia.

If we’re doing America I’d like want to run a LEO agency and if we’re doing Australia I’d be the same!

We would likely be Economy based, so please! Let me know if this interests you!!!


I added you on discord.

Curious to see where this goes, sent you a request.




Hello could you add me on discord? Mancop466#0001

As your friend requests are off

Pretty keen to check out the city, could you please add me or accept invites on Discord, thanks

hi im nickolas i would love to join this server as ive heard good thing about it i ive come from another city n know rp ill be keen to meet n interact with new people

[quote=“BatzGaming, post:1, topic:2666258”]
how do i join discord sorry

could u please my discord as i cant add you nickkoo101#2632


Hey Buddy! Constant Roleplay is recruiting into the SAST! Go ahead and join up! Constant RolePlay

Just another BUMMPPP

Come check us out at Gang Haven Role Play

  • We are currently looking for Police, STAFF & EMS of ALL RANKS!

If you would like to interview ask for Brad, COPE or Chris Paul !

GHRP Forum Link

Just another bump following the updated topic!