Looking To Merge Communitys!

Hello everyone I am the owner of Project-Roleplay. We are a newer community that is growing at a good rate. We currently have 12 active members and are looking for a community to merge with use to make a nice big community. We thrive for realistic and Serious RP.

A little bit about me. I am 22 years old and in my 3rd year of college. I am majoring in computer science. I am very fluent with coding and have coded everything by myself in the server for how I and my partners want it to look. I am very dedicated and work on improving from big to small. I hate all these copy cat servers thus why I took things into my own hand and wanted to create something unique. If you are interested in merging know that you will still be a high rank in this new community. Your input will not go unlooked. If you are interested please send me a PM on here or message me on discord. Add me on discord: ItzMaserati#1729

I am going to add you on discord I would like to speak if that’s possible my name is bike is short for bikeal.

If you are interested in merging into a community, do check us out!


Hello my name is Josh I am the owner of SADOD I own my own server including our own textured vehicles. My server includes a custom cad/mdt for SADOD only. We are looking for serious role players if you would be interested in merging with us. We can work anything out as long as you are willing to speak with myself and my group staff. Our server has tons of features we would love for you to check us out and get your info.

We are the Official Department of Justice Canada and are wondering if you would like to merge with our community! We have plenty of people and have a fully developed FiveM esx server, a Discord, and a complete Website!
Are you looking for a reliable FiveM server that has all of the best and custom mods possible? Well, I have exactly what you are looking for! Come join us at the Department Of Justice Canada! We have well over 500 mods and a great community! Be aware that this is a very serious role play community and will punished for causing trouble, breaking role play, etc. We are currently recruiting for ALL departments! Check out our discord at https://discord.gg/7CEjfTk and our website with all the information you need and 24/7 staff available to help you through any issues/problems you may be having. https://departmentofjustic5.wixsite.com/dojca Hope to see YOU in the role plays in the future!

Hello If your still looking to merge with a fivem community Southern California Role Play would be more than happier to do so. Let me tell you a little bit about us. We are a fivem community that strives to give good and realistic role play to everyone. If you would like more info go ahead and contact me on discord. Cwinrow10 #3151. Our website is socalrp.ga but we are currently in the process of finishing up our new one. We have many different departments and a doj-styled CAD/MDT.

If you are still looking to merge communities, ICE RP would love to have you guys. We are a new community as well and are looking to continue to grow and expand :slight_smile: We have content updates every month and we strive to really get to know our entire community. Let us know and feel free to check out the server here [NEW SERVER] ICE RP | Whitelisted | COPS | LOOKING 4 CRIMINALS | EMS | NON ELS | Active Members | All Departments Hiring!

Hey mate, my name is Jack Ryan and i am from San Andreas Roleplay, we would love to see you join our community and if you bring a large group for community merging we can try to reinstate all of your members positions (not including staff).
Discord: https://discord.gg/73KjmvD

hello my name is edward.w with blackout roleplay if you are still intrested in a community merge let me know on discord https://discord.gg/b8ZveDe @supereddy05#3092 thanks supereddy05

Hey I am the Deputy Director with a Server in fiveM and we are also looking for a server that is willing to merge. If you are still looking hit me up on discord. My discord is Stale#1299 send me a message and we will chat from there.

Hello Everyone! I am a head staff member of Washington State Roleplay. We are a new community that is growing at a good rate and are trying to make a partnership with some servers. We currently have 36 members and rising. We are looking for a community that has active members and a good positive community! We focus for Serious Rp and keep everything Realistic! If you want to contact me about being in a partnership DM me on Discord at SpookyTaco#8624. Thank you and Have a great day!

send me an invite to ur server, we are looking for someone to merge with us

If Yall Are Still Available and running yall wanna merge with us? we Got 800+ Cars vMenu Based (for Now) and some cool scripts. https://discord.gg/xT38uQg

Hello. My name is Darcy. I am the deputy Director of a small FiveM Roleplay community called International Burea Of Roleplay. We are decated bunch of role players and our staff team doesn’t take unrealistic Roleplay at all, we are currently looking for a community that is willing to merge with us and help grow our community base to where everyone can say ibr is a enjoyable server to chill out in and Roleplay. We offer EUP, A Server That We Will Pay For Being Through Our Community, And Can Always Create More Servers. We more want a community that is running out of money to be able to pay for a FiveM server and the extra things. We want to keep your community alive just under a different name.

If you would like to speak to our team about this.
Please join our discord and let’s have a speak! —> https://discord.gg/tTYhPxV

Hello ProjectRP i am a member of Inspiring Network and i am doing some recruitment would your members like to join us

If anyone is trying to merge, you should join us! We are in a grace period so anyone can join. afterliferp.org or https://discord.gg/m5YpaVytmB We are on the road to 100 lets get it there! You can also add me on discord at GhostedMan524

I’m a owner of a new community that has a very optimized and very well scripted city. It can hold 500 players easy right now and we are realistic economy based and we are aiming to be original and bring custom systems in the closest future. Add me now: Siplon#7667