Looking to join a U.S. based RedM server (Looking to join law enforcement)

I am looking to join a welcoming redm community that has a spot open in there law enforcement. I have plenty of role-play experience and in law enforcement. I am currently in a community but I dont like how they do there sheriff office. If anyone has a spot open for me add me on discord Gunslinger426#6569. Thanks

Our server is still in Beta phase and we are hoping to launch this weekend if you are still looking? https://discord.gg/qSSd644

We are always looking for more lawmen and members, we got a post here WCRP | Alpha 2.0 | https://discord.gg/Kmam3BW

and here is our discord https://discord.gg/Kmam3BW

looking for that too.

If you are looking you can come check us out, I’m one of the developers for WCRP i work on stuff for the server on a daily basis, we got a big update coming within a week which provides multi character, and bunch of new stuff, too much to list here.