Looking to join a community!

Hey im Cedric and im 16. Im currently looking for a server to call home! Im looking for a server that is active meaning that i can hop on and patrol. What i would be looking for:

  • Active Server
  • Server sided EUP
  • Mature and active staff
  • Variety of custom LEO cars
  • Discord as RTO no teamspeak

I also have around 5 months of experience in the LEO rp field. A V menu would also be a good thing.

Im fine with public servers but rather a whitelisted one!

https://discord.gg/wGcW6F4 come check us out we are now hiring all white list jobs and running the latest mod freaks scripts

Join Matrix Gaming RP! We are looking for all members of each department along with searching for directors of all departments! We currently have a great ESX server up and running and a Menu server in the works for whitelisting! https://discord.gg/EYhtj6z or join our website! MatrixGamingRP.com! We are happy to have you!

Hello Cedric!

I am Abrupt with Modern Day Roleplay. We’d love to invite you to our community and possibly take a position. If you’d like to learn more about our community before joining, go ahead and visit www.moderndayrp.com and look at our topic below.

Also, here is our Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/byWeTP7.

If you have any questions about our community, feel free to contact a management team member in our Discord.

Thanks, Abrupt.

https://discord.gg/usEFVH Check out Southern San Andreas RolePlay. We are a NON-ESX server and we’re always looking for more members

Los Santos Public Roleplay is a Menu Based FiveM Community. Here at Los Santos Public Safety, we have many different things to get involved in. We have 4 major departments that include Civilian, Dispatch, San Andreas State Police, & Fire/EMS. We have a full fleet for the San Andreas State Patrol with a custom livery made specifically for the community. We are always expanding our fleets, community, and civilian possibilities.

Right now we’re looking for a great deal of staff and members. Why not apply now?

Website: https://lspsrp.com

Join our discord: http://discord.gg/mGEYtYm

Or if you’re sure we are the community for you…
Apply directly: https://forms.gle/JyouvHPcDQXYGRRY7

Check out our staff positions:

Administration Team - Hiring
San Andreas State Police (Head of Department) - Vacant
San Andreas Communications Department (Head of Department) - Vacant
San Andreas Civilian Operations (Head of Department) - Vacant
Los Santos Fire Department (Head of Department) - Vacant
Development Team - Hiring

For more details regarding our recruitment or to apply for a position, please visit this forum post on our website.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us via our discord or contact me on discord Shifty#7227, Email Recruitment, or on the FiveM forums

Many thanks,
and good luck!

Hello Cedric, I am also Cedric. We have an ESX based server that was just released. We are currently looking for EMS/Fire & Rescue and State Troopers. We have a State Department with custom livery, EUP with custom uniforms made specifically for our server. Were always for serious role-players to call our community home. We have a lot of variety in our players here ranging from ages 15 to 40, our departments heads are mainly the older people.

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/jXujbCc

If you’re still looking San Andreas First Response would love to have you

[quote=“modz_mcfarlane, post:2, topic:674022, full:true”]
https://discord.gg/wGcW6F4 come check us out we are now hiring all white list jobs and running the latest mod freaks scripts
[/quote] https://discord.gg/wGcW6F4 come check us out we are now hiring all white list jobs and running the latest mod freaks scripts

Hey, i am on the look for another server again! Here are some thing’s il be looking for

Light vehicle structure
Light uniform structure
Sheriff Department
Large fleet of custom LEO vehicles
Public or whitelist
Active patrols

I would be a great addition to a server because i have 8 months of LEO experience and i have some staff experience too!

@Cedric_M, I think we have the server just for you! We meet all of your requirements and are whitelisted. Check us out more below.

Public Relations Server: http://discord.gsrpc.com/

Forums Post: https://forum.cfx.re/t/gsrpc-golden-state-roleplay-community-15-exclusive-cars-scripts-professional-standards-custom-eup/

Hello i am looking for a Non ESX whitelisted server!

About me: Hello i am Cedric i’m 16 years old, i have lots of LEO experience on FiveM (9 Months) and would like to join a new community!

Here are some things i am looking for:

Sheriff Department
Good Structure
Discord Or Teamspeak for RTO
Good variety of uniforms and cars in the sheriff department
Vmenu based
Active community

I am also looking for a server where i can submit a application and not have to wait 5 days to get it read and get a interview.

@Cedric_M community is looking for new members, we are a small community of 14 members, we are a non-whitelisted esx server.

come and check out San Andreas 01 Justice Department:

Hello there, i am looking to join a whitelisted server. Here are some of my preferences for servers i join.

Server Side EUP
Server Side Vmenu
Sheriff Department
Fair Vehicle And Uniform Structure
High Quality Uniforms And Vehicles
Large Fleet Of Police Cars And Trucks Marked/Slick-top/Unmarked
Mature Members
Streamer Friendly
Also i like to wear a leg holster and a vest while i am on patrol.

My discord: Cedric M#7675

I also have around 9 months of LEO experience on FiveM so i would be a great addition to a department.

I feel like we check a lot of your requests. Come check us out!

check samlltown rp https://discord.gg/XbwEYy5

Do you want to join a serious Roleplay server? Join San Andreas Skyline! We are looking for members to join in the fun. We are a community based on Five M. We currently have 4 departments with a lot of room to grow.

Current Departments you can join TODAY!
*Blaine County Sheriffs Office
*San Andreas Fire Department
*Civilians of San Andreas
*San Andreas Dispatch Center

We offer:
A friendly environment to be in.
A fully functional Discord server.
Active and friendly staff members
Frequent updates for new content.
4 Different Five m Servers

*Must be at least 15 years of age.
Must be mature on all actions made and take full responsibility for them
Must have a legal copy of GTAV. (Not for dispatch)
Must have Discord
Must have a working microphone (no echo)
Must have the dedication to play on the server at least 2 times a week & department meetings.
Must speak and write fluent English.

Join our new intervierw server and go to the Department applications and fill out one of the four department applications. If you are serious about joining then review the information above.

SASRP Interview Server link —> https://discord.gg/KXwpz7v

We hope to see join us in Roleplay in the future

~San Andreas Skyline Staff Team

Why not expole other regions of the world, come join a British based serious RP server with police, medical services and more recruiting, with a tone of custom cars and other assets making it quite unique to others, for much more info join the server discord https://discord.gg/BUpGxmp and don’t forget to join the server its self with the following SERVER IP: hope you enjoy your time