Looking to be a higher management position on a new and upcoming server!

Hey everyone, I am kinda experienced in FiveM and GTA RP, i have 266 hours as of the 5th of april.

Anyways i am here to search for people who are looking for a co-owner, head-admin, admin kinda stuff!

I am a 17 (turning 18 soon) guy from Australia, so any Australian/NZ servers would be cool! I would also be kind of keen to manage stuff like organizing police departments and CAD stuff because that interests me quite a bit.

I am looking for a newish server that has not gone into the advertising section yet, so a newer and smaller community i can be apart of from the get-go. The type of RP i am looking for is a menu server where people have the flexibility to control the RP and spawn in stuff for it, no not really an economy! So nothing too serious!

I should also mention this is purely for fun. I will not be able to provide any financial support and am not expecting any financial support in return!

So post your discord/server discord along with a short blurb on your server!


Hey man, we are an upcoming esx/serious rp and I would like to talk
discord: parmesan cheese#4841


Hello, Come check us out!
We’re recruiting high rank for LEO,FIRE, & CIV
Our website is : https://pjrpfivem.com
[NEW] 👑 Project Justice RP | DOJ | New! | TS: pjrpfivem| ESX/vMenu | Massachusetts Based | LEO - FIRE - CIV | 2021 - #53 by J_parker25

We also do have a CAD/MDT system. Anyone in a department is required to use it but guests or anyone who isnt in either SAFD, SADPS or Civilian Ops can not use it, in place we will just use the standard /me runs id in chat for guests. We do need help organising our departments though as only SADPS has a department owner (colonel) where as our other departments do not have anyone of those roles so if you would like to snatch one of those you may. Thank you.

Hey mate, I love your commitment. Were a new server, I have many positions available as all I have at the moment is 3 other staff members which of who are all Administrators. I have both my co-owner position and head administrator position available as my past staff members who held these postitions had left due to personal reasons. I would love for you to join as i’m an australian as well so we would be on during the same times.

My server is client script enabled meaning clients can use their own menus, we have vmenu built into our server as well but people can use their own lambda menu as well.

Our departments consist of San Andreas Department of Public Safety, San Andreas Fire Department and Civilian Operations.

We are planning to become a whitelisted server once we have a very active community and large player count.

Here is an invite, excited to see you join! :slightly_smiling_face: