Looking for the right community

I have been RPing since 2012, yes GTAIV days. RL I am a BLS supervisor. Former prison guard and army medic. RP I have experience setting up and running every type of LEO dept except LSPD type dept. I also have set up and ran many Fire/EMS dept both combo and separate. What I’m looking for is while I’m not against running a dept in the right circumstances somewhere around Capt, commander, col type supervisor rank is ideal. I understand depending on the dept that is 3 different ranks in the same dept. So to be clearer somewhere around #4 or 5 in the dept . I have documents, eup, and fleets for just about every dept. Not looking for economy server. Hoping to find the right place.

The Furry Nexus Roleplay

is dedicated towards collaborating with the community to decrease harassment towards LGBTQIAF+ officers in real life.

You can join us on our journey and support the intention of our community, including plenty of departments and realistic SOP and roleplay.

You can check out our Twitter page for in-game screenshots and departments specifics, @FurryNexusRP


If you are still looking for a community look into San Andreas Bravest Interview Server

Hey how is it going, come check us out today! a lot of oppurtunity Grand State Roleplay


We are still actively seeking more LEO & EMS

group of players who would like a gang

individuals who like to RP and play out different kind of unique scenes

If you would like to join please come into the discord and drop us a message…


We got just what you are looking for, it would be great to see someone with IRL experience to help out and run a bit of the department!


On our new server, OvelordRP, we’re looking to grow and expand medical RP to benefit all the players. Starting with you! You’ll be brought in to help existing leaders lead the department and be an active EMS personnel, bringing your vast IRL knowledge to players to up the level of medical RP.

We’d love to bring you on board. If you’re up for it, let us know!
Our discord: Overlord RP
Forum post:
OverlordRP | Semi-Serious | NEED EMS and LEO | Non- Whitelisted | Economy |

If you have any questions just either open a ticket and our active staff team will get to you or you can DM me :slight_smile: hopefully, we’ll see you soon!