Looking for some managers

For managers;

  • Community management skills (Advertising and recruitment)
  • Developing skills (Recommended)
  • Previous Management or Admin experience
  • Knowledge of FiveM server’s
    And that’s all for them. If you are interested DM me on discord and we will just do a short interview in a call.



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Are you still looking for a 2nd Owner?


Would like to have a talk with you feel free to add me Tyler Moose#6227

Mainly looking to join a server, or to find someone who can provide hosting

Hi! We have an owner spot open, I sent you a Discord request.

What’s you discord name? I have too many sorry

Sir#4781. Looking forward to talking with you!


@Brudr434 are you still looking to join community? in my community we have spent over $200. we did hit a bump when our streamer left but we are working on rebuilding, i need someone who can help work on the server, are you good at deving?

my discord is warzone3812#5956


Join ETW Today!

We are not far from release! Everyone join up and get your positions and applications in

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Found an owner, just need 2-3 managers