Looking for recruiting RP community

Hello my name is Karis and I’m looking for a community to do RP in. I have GTA V, FiveM, Discord, TeamSpeak and a good Mic.I am totally new to Role Play and FiveM. I have been wanting to do RP for a while but didn’t have the means. I would like to stream and record the RP if possible.

I would love to do any role however I have no experience being a dispatcher, ems/fighter fighter or police so I would need some training for them roles.

Hello Karis If your still looking shoot me a friend request on discord I may have the place for you Ignis#5370

Hello Karis,

My name is Kyler K. Communications Director at Constitution Roleplay. I see you are interested in joining a roleplay community, Constitution is a newly released server with active recruitment in departments abroad. If you are interested you can check us out at Home - ConstitutionRP. Hope to see you there!

Kind Regards,

Kyler K. C-100
Constitution Roleplay

Hello! If you are still looking for a server, then why don’t you check out Core Roleplay? The whole community are welcoming to new and returning roleplayers. The server is realistic economy and serious roleplay offering materials for whatever character you would like to play. C:
If you have any questions, then ask away!

You can look at many different platforms or even the forum!

Website: https://www.core-roleplay.com
Discord: Core Roleplay
Instagram: @coreroleplay
Twitter: @coreroleplay


I am making a new server, we have a few positions we are looking to fill, and we hope to be open soon, check out our post? :slight_smile::

we are hiring for selected jobs

Feel free to come and join and be apart of this great community!

Link: Greater London Roleplay