♦ Looking for people to help turn around a motorcycle club who see the vision


About Us: We are a motorcycle club that as of September 20th Is now over a year old! We started because we loved fivem and MC culture. However we also had a vision, and passion to bring other people together who also enjoyed outlaw motorcycle club RP. We want to have a club where you can get home from work/school get on fivem, and game with other members. A club where you can have a great time, and just genuinely enjoy your experience because everyone In the club is chill, and laid back.

What happened? The pictures you see was our club In it’s prime. 15 members, meth empire, business’s up, and running. Money flowing In, good cash flow, and lots of fire power. We got comfortable with our group of 15, and stopped pushing recruiting. Also, lets be honest over time some members had their differences, others played different games, time zones factored In, the club grew smaller. We don’t have as many numbers as we use to.

What are you looking for? We are looking for people with vision, leadership skills, maturity. People who are chill, and want to build a solid motorcycle club so everyone can have a great time. Both males, and females are 100% welcome. If you don’t have your eyes on a officer position, and don’t think you have leadership skills that’s also fine. We believe in the saying “play your position” If you fit in as just a normal full patched member, you’re more then welcome to join us.

Whats the club have currently?
Currently on a very solid economy server.
MC discord.
Traditional style MC bylaws.
Traditional MC rank structure.
Fully custom MC patches for both male/female made by top designers.
Club house in sandy shores.
Sandy shores territory.
Yellow Jack bar.
Meth Business.
Import bikes available.

Contact Us: If you think you got what It takes to be a lobo, we want to hear from you. Start your journey today!



great time cant beat the lobos!!

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