Looking for Partners for RedM Community

Looking to start something new? Need a partner for your project?

I am looking to get a RedM community going with other like-minded individuals. I have already reserved a domain, I have experience running a community, and the funding is taken care of.

I don’t have much experience with the dev side, so I am looking to partner with devs that can help get this project off the ground. I am also open to joining an existing project as well if you are looking for community management experience.

To make it easy to chat, I created a temporary discord.

Hi there, is the server still up? if it is can I get an invite. Looking for a RedM community

Discord: ReedTheDev#9109

We are still looking for developers to join our team and are excited about our progress. Please send me a DM if you are interested in a dev or staff position and I can invite you to the Discord to chat further.

A la recherche de deux Dev’s, adulte et déterminés, avec du temps à consacrer post coronavirus. Un projet originale bien loin des codes habituels. Notre serveur n’aura pas de concurrents aux vu de ce qu’on veut faire, R2r3 permet une immersion inégalées et nous souhaitons en profiter. A savoir que tous bénéfices générés seront version à la location du serveur et au DEV Uniquement.
Evident, nous acceptons: Toutes la communautés francophone, pour optimiser la compréhension. :smiley: On vous attends !

Vous êtes donc les bienvenues pour un projet de long terme, maturité et connaissance solides exigés.


I updated the original post to see if there was any new interest out there since I last tried. Feel free to join the server above or shoot me a DM so we can chat further.