Looking for Partners and Developers to start a server (SEA region base)

Hello everyone,

I have been doing Roleplay for more than 2 years now and have been to a lot of servers/cities.

After all my experiences, I’ve always heard a lot of feedback from citizens from each server/city I’ve been to and have been jotting down all those feedbacks so that when I put up my own server/city, I’ll be able to provide what they need.

I’ve always been customer/player focus, I always want to provide them the best experience and want to let them know that they are being heard.

So I’ve really wanted to have a full go at starting up a server with an international team and so I am going to try and have a go at it.

I don’t want to do this alone though so I am looking for people to come and help out!

I’ve got a lot of ideas to share and also looking forward to franchising the server brand in the future as well.

We will have fun and learn a lot along the way so reach out to me @ Spicy#7891 on Discord if you are interested.

I hope to hear from anyone you guys.

Thank you very much!