Looking for new home

I’m looking for a server with decent RP. Honestly looking to have fun while RP’ing. Would also like to make content, any pointers on making/editing videos would be helpful. Would like to find one that’s active at night during the week and anytime on the weekends. I would like it to be qbcore but willing to learn other frameworks. Also if needed I have some mod exp. Would prefer US base. Would like to have a city with a good population at night on week days. And have some car events!!

feel free to dm me at mr.rco we would love to have you

Hi man!

I run a FiveM server with around 100 people on it, would love to have you join.

If you want to follow up with me my discord is He1ry

Sent you a friend request on discord

==Who we are==
Misty Mountain Roleplay was created by a group of friends in 2020 with the goal of creating a friendly, realistic and professional roleplay environment for all its members. We treat all of our members as family and are a roleplay community built by the community for the community. Members have a large say in what takes place within the community and their opinion matters.

==What We Offer==
Custom vehicles & Liveries
Custom EUP
Realistic Radio System
In-house developers
Friendly & Active Staff
Tons of MLO’s
And much more

San Andreas State Police
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Fire Rescue
Civilian Operations (Department Head Position Open)

==Requirements To Join==
Applicants for in-game departments must have a legal copy of GTA:5 (For in-game departments)
All applicants must have a working microphone
Must be 15 years of age to apply, with some exceptions


Discord: Misty Mountain Roleplay
Website: https://mistymountainrp.proboards.com/

We’ve changed a bit over the months, but still looking forward to inviting new people to our group. Any questions, just ask. We are US based, typically busiest during 7-12PM Eastern time and the best suggestion I could make regarding making clips the easiest is medal.tv as it is easy to upload and share.
🛑 BurntRubberUnderground Roleplay | Seeking Police, Fire and EMS, plus Business Owners | Gangs | Mechanics | Staff Positions | Legal and Illegal Jobs

How late is it active and how big of a pop

I typically get on when y’all would be getting off or I would check it

we still have plenty room here at immersive my discord is @mr.rco for any questions

Welcome to No Ego Roleplay, where you leave the ego at the door and enter into a world of your imagination. Whether you choose the Red or Blue pill, you can embark on a journey of your desired choosing. You can become a criminal and climb through the ranks to become notorious. You can join Law Enforcement and be able to track down your perpetrator through fingerprints, ballistics, and DNA. Join our Emergency Services to be able to treat our great citizens back to health. Join our Department of Justice to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic. These are only a few ways of life that you can choose to embark on, and there’s plenty of more for you to create and explore upon entering.
We have a wide variety of cars and bikes in our catalog with unique sounds and customizations along with stance kits, sport mode, pops & bangs, manual mode, persistence, motorcycle stunts, and more. Synchronized crew orientated heists that you can enjoy with your friends. A Unique Black Market unlike any eyes have seen before, with a complete one of a kind currency and purchasing system. Along with unique drug selling system that interacts with npcs with voice activation. These are only a few of our unique features here at No Ego, so leave the ego behind and escape into a world of your creation.

How big of a population? And how late are y’all active

Hi there! Karma RP would love to have you!
Check us out!

Purple Heart Gaming is always looking for new members! Feel free to check us out!

Welcome to Purple Heart Gaming! | Owned & Operated by Real Life Police/Fire/EMS | Roleplay Server | Hiring All Agencies | - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Cfx.re Community

Welcome to DMG RP - Where Stories Come to Life! :star2:Are you tired of the same old FiveM experience? Ready for something fresh, immersive, and even with story-driven events and quests? Look no further!

:scroll: About DMG RP: At DMG RP, we take roleplay to the next level. Our server boasts a range of unique and bespoke scripts that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. From custom jobs and activities to realistic economy systems, there’s always something to do.

:open_book: Story-Based Roleplay: Become a part of a thriving roleplay community where every decision you make shapes the narrative. Join gangs, create alliances, or walk the path of a lone wolf criminal or civilian - the choice is yours. The story is driven by YOU!

:earth_africa: Job Opportunities:

Legal Jobs:

:pizza: Pizza Chef and Delivery: Craft the perfect pizza and deliver it to hungry citizen.

:zap: Electrical: Become an electrician and keep the city’s lights on.

:pick: Mining: Unearth valuable resources beneath the city.

:recycle: Recycling: Help keep the city clean and earn rewards.

:hammer_and_wrench: Crafting: Use your skills to create unique items.

:ocean: Diving: Explore the depths and uncover hidden treasures.

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing: Catch a wide variety of fish in our realistic fishing system.

:postbox: Post Delivery: Deliver important parcels and packages.

:evergreen_tree: Lumberjack: Harvest timber and supply materials.

:deer: Hunting: Track and hunt wild game.

:grapes: Wine Making: Craft and sell your own wine.

:wastebasket: Trash Collection: Keep the streets clean and earn rewards.

:metro: Metro: Operate the city’s public transportation system.

Illegal Jobs:

:moneybag: Store Robberies: Plan and execute daring heists.

:bank: Bank Heists: Take on the challenge of robbing banks.

:gem: Vangelico Heist: Steal precious jewels in a high-stakes operation.

:red_car: Car Boosting: Swipe cars and sell them on the black market.

:checkered_flag: Street Racing: Compete in adrenaline-pumping races.

:dagger: Illegal Crafting: Create contraband items.

:pirate_flag: Gang Territories: Fight for control of the city’s underworld.

:pill: Drugs: Become a drug lord or a dealer.

:iphone: Phone Hacking: Uncover secrets through illegal means .

:video_game: Other Features:

:person_getting_haircut: Advanced Character Customization: Tailor your character to your liking.

:dress: Custom Clothing: Stand out with unique fashion.

:red_car: Custom Cars: Drive exclusive vehicles.

:syringe: Custom Tattoos: Express your style with ink.

:office: Player Owned Businesses: Run your enterprise.

:slot_machine: Casino: Test your luck at games of chance.

:tennis: Tennis: Enjoy a game on the courts.

:bowling: Bowling: Roll some strikes with friends.

:flying_disc: Frisbee Golf: Play a round of frisbee golf.

:ferris_wheel: Theme Park: Enjoy rides and attractions.

:office: Licensed NoPixel MLO’s: High-quality custom interiors.

:skateboard: Skateboarding: Ride through the city streets.

:gift: Daily Rewards: Log in daily for bonuses.

:scroll: Battlepass: Complete challenges for rewards.

:house_with_garden: Advanced Housing System: Find or design your dream home.

:gun: Licensed NoPixel Weapons: Access to a wide array of firearms.

:red_car: RC cars: Enjoy remote-controlled vehicle fun.

:red_car: Drifting Mode: Master the art of drifting.

:camera_flash: Camera: Capture your in-game memories.

:scroll: Quest System: Engage in story-driven roleplay.

:closed_lock_with_key: Whitelisting Applications Open: We’re committed to maintaining a high-quality roleplay experience. That’s why we have a whitelisting process in place. Don’t worry; it’s simple to apply and ensures that our server is filled with dedicated roleplayers like you.

:link: How to Join:

Visit our website: www.drunkmangaming.com/whitelist

Fill out the whitelist application.

Join our Discord community.

Dive into the world of DMG RP!

:globe_with_meridians: Connect with Us:

Website: www.drunkmangaming.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/T5Q4andbs8

Server IP: play.drunkmangaming.com