Looking for menu based servers

Deleted now, not needed.

Hey, check this server out, its not whitelisted but its very good :smiley:

Sorry looking for whitelisted servers only

You need to be 16+ https://apply.aspirantgaming.org/

Northen County RP
Serious RP
Professional RP
Other Join Discord And Discord Message Me

  • Found a server 8/16/2018

Looking for a server


you could try us. We have our own focus and want to take best from other server. We don’t have whitelist, since we don’t need it. You can read below why:

We are whitelisted server

Heartland Justice System is a Menu based server that offers lambda and simple trainer along with non els. players can be creative and create their Roleplay Scenarios we also are staring to open up the ability to own and manage your business please speak with owner or community manager. We are now offering a nightly patrol that starts at 4pm cst-8pm cst or just hop on anytime!!
In the server we offer many different departments such as:

All Departments can be found on the forums
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas State Police
Communications Department
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Medical Department
Civilian Department - Civ Ranks
Blaine County Vol Fire Rescue

For officers to progress further we also offer multiple sub-divisions to apply for
ASU - Air Support Unit
K-9 - Cainine Unit
SE - Speed Enforcement
DTE- Drugs Traffic Enforcement

anyone can be a Voulenteer for any of the Departments without applying or anything.
But if you wish to become a part of the Department there are Applications available.


Here you can see upcoming server news, general disscusions, announcements and also apply with different departments


Server IP:


Restarting this!

Hi, I am 15 and I am looking for a menu based server not esx just a menu based server that uses either v-menu or lambada menu does not matter to me.

Has nice members and has nice police cars, I dont want to join a server that is a doj copycat and it has to be whitelisted.

:slight_smile: let me know below if you want me to join

We’re Lambda based, with other menus being optional but not required.

We run off of a lightlisted (only a few unregistered members can join at once, based on how many registered members are online). It’s a unique system, keeps things slightly open but stops it from becoming anarchy.

We have some very nice, very unique police vehicles. Every department gets their own fleet of vehicles, not just liveries (when you’re in law enforcement you can roleplay as any of our 11 law enforcement departments).


We’ve also got a whole bunch of supplementary departments, such as Fire Department (self explanatory) and Municipal Services (does stuff like Coroner, Parking Enforcement, Public Works, etc), which all helps bring the server to life.

And lastly, all of our server members are very nice. Of course that’s just my opinion, but there you go.

I think I might be able to help. Shoot me a DM on here or on Discord @ Jerry#9335

Hi Avery! You can visit us at the Nevada State Roleplay community! We try to offer our players the most realistic experience possible when they join us.

Built from the ground up, we average about 15-25 players on a good day and are always welcoming newer players! NVSRP isn’t just your ordinary FiveM Roleplay Community. Respect, Responsibility, and Commitment are our Core Values that we live by and enact every single day. We consistently strive to create a fun-filled, custom featured, enduring, people-centered culture that drives our ambition to become the most progressive and innovative Community in the gaming industry while enriching the lives of both our staff members and players.

You can find out more information about us by visiting our official Server Bazaar thread or by visiting our website at https://www.nevadastaterp.net.

Server IP Address: fivem.nevadastaterp.net or
Discord: https://discord.gg/3y49VwC
Teamspeak: ts3.nevadastaterp.net

Some Screenshots