*LOOKING FOR MEMBERS* NLRP (Northern Lights Roleplay) | EUP | Non-ELS | Police, Fire and EMS | Custom CAD | Custom Cars | Amazing Staff | Being Run for and by the community!

About Us

Hello! My name is Wolf and I am a staff member at NLRP.
We at Northern Lights are an roleplaying community in FiveM, we are non-esx but are always up for new scripts and suggestions that our members give. At NLRP the members are all allowed to choose their own path, you can become EMS, police officer or Firefighter and a lot of other Civilian roles aswell. Your opinion about our server matters a lot and we will listen to every recommendation/suggestion we get!

How to become a part of our community?

You can easily become an part of our awesome community by clicking on our discord invite. This will bring you into our discord and you will be able to talk to all of us!
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Vh7HkWF

Current Departments:

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

  • Los Santos Police Department
    (Will have an SWAT subdivision in the near future)

  • Los Angeles Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department

And more departments coming soon!


  • Non-ELS Emergency Services vehicles:

All the Emergency services vehicles that are currently in this server are gonna be Non-ELS, which means that you won’t have to click 25 buttons to get your sirens on and off.

  • Custom Handlings

On our cars we like to have custom handlings. This means the cars will feel and function like its an real car! More then 100 hours has gone into making these handlings!

  • Easy Callsigns

As emergency services we have our own easy to learn callsigns! These callsigns dont include an letter which means you only have to learn your number. The ranks are gonna be mentioned on the discord itself.

  • Custom CAD/MDT

We actually got our own Custom CAD/MDT on our server, which means you will be able to actually get assigned to calls and be able to get warrants and alot more cool stuff!

  • Custom Vehicles (And custom handlings)

We got a lot of Custom Vehicles in our server, some of which will actually be driving around randomly around the map. Most of these vehicles are actually suggested by the community! So do you have any vehicles you would love to see in the server? Make an suggestion!

  • Supporter Vehicles

The moment you become an Patreon supporter on our discord you will have access to our Supporter Vehicles, which will mean you will have access to Custom Vehicles, Super vehicles and Helicopters. We call the The Patreons: Whitelisted Members. You will also get an Whitelisted Tag in discord, the game and you will get access to the Whitelisted Chat.

  • Emotes

On our server we actually have multiple custom Emotes. The way you open the “Emote Menu” is by holding F4, this will open up a circle in which you can click the Emote you want to be using!

  • Custom Map Addons

As I said earlier on our server we appreciate all suggestions we are given. And a lot of these suggestions are also called Map Addons. We use a lot of Map Addons which makes the map look better, and more fun to play!

  • Civilian Departments (Coming Soon)

Civilian Departments are coming soon but some things I can tell you guys about, will be that it WILL include:

  1. Weazel News
  2. Gruppe6

And more!

  • Amazing Staff Members

Our group of Staff is always able to help you out in any way possible. If you have any problems with the above mentioned things or anything that is (happening) in the server, we are here to help you guys out on the server and maintain the server to be an happy and fun place to roleplay!

  • Dispatchers

We also got our own Dispatcher Roles, this means that if you are an police officer you will have someone to be your Dispatcher!

  • All 10 Codes

Us at URPC are very serious about our 10-Codes. This means we have an full list of the 10-Codes, with Phonetic alphabet which we use on the daily basis!

  • Postal Codes Map

We also got an Postal Codes map installed in our server so you can always see what Postal Code is nearby or what house is what Postal Code!

And lots more!

Join now, time to have some fun!

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Love the Community

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Added a lot of new stuff like an darkweb, more lspd vehicles, more civ vehicles, police radar and more!

Join discord to see what we changed!


Changelog: Added even more Civ vehicles, Queue system, New spawn transition and more!

Join now to see the changes!

I love this community, they are welcoming everyone like if they were family!

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Fixed the Emote Menu
Updated the Menu permissions
OnFoot does not show Minimap
In vehicle shows Minimap now!

Added more civilian vehicles
Added supporter vehicles
Added Patreon supporters

Added more civilian vehicles (With custom tweaked handlings)
More police vehicles coming soon
Easy vehicle spawn menu


Added a lot of new patreon and civilian vehicles! Absolutely LOVE this community!!


Currently adding support for Airplanes and helicopters, Air force has been added aswell, more civilian and police vehicles on their way (with custom handling files).