Looking for Lawyers, judges and jury's

We are currently working on a big murder case which is about to happen however, we have a serious lack of lawyers and judges in general, and also a lawyer for the defendant.

Its Hard for the defendant to have a chance getting found not guilty without a lawyer so if anybody is Willing to do the job then that would be great and much appreciated!

If you do not have a lot of experience then its time for you to be able to learn here!

Text me here or contact me on discord Jack P#4678

Still looking desperately btw

We are searching both DA’s(District Attorneys), Judges and Lawyers, and atleast 1 lawyer atm so we can have a court case done as fast as possible!

We are now heavily looking for people who’s interested in becoming a jury, within a major court trial and we would love if anybody would sign up, as it’s about to happen in the weekend and we have none!

Jack P#4678

Please… Do contact me here… or on discord!

If you’re eager to show your lawyer skills, this is now you can do so in a compelling case!

Finally gotten a lawyer, but we are definitely still looking also for a jury!