Looking for High Command members

Hello! I am looking for high command / supervisors / patrol staff for the department i run!
DM me on discord HonestChris#1132

I am looking for members to join my department! I am looking for patrol and supervisory staff.

There is lots of room to progess and advance! Please DM me for any questions!

I will give you some basic questions and if you pass I will allow you to join at the rank I am looking for!


Hello again! We are still looking! I now have an 02 but I am still looking for the following!

Command, Supervisors, Patrol Staff.
As well as commander(s) for the following sub-divisions.
ITE (Basically a mash-up of MBU and HEAT)
SORT (Special Operations Response Team AKA SWAT)

Please dm me on discord at HonestChris#1132 !

You can join the discord and directly ping me!

Discord : Join Today!


@DanJ2 ??



Here with an update. We don’t need anymore high command.

But we still need members for patrol and supervisory staff!


Please direct to this post from here on out!