Looking for [Experienced] Developer. QBCORE - WE SUPPORT CREATORS

Hello I am looking for some experienced Developer with Experience in Qbcore, scripting , Lua, EUP/ custom clothing. We are a growing mature community focused on Realistic Economy Roleplay. We currently have a Dev team & looking to grow. Our city is set up and working We support other Devs, and creators. All Our Assets are Paid and Escrow’d. Our staff is mature and social. We DO NOT support LEAKERS!

What is in for You?

  • Part of a great dev team
  • Mature & Fun environment
  • Work with other Dev’s learn more.
  • Work with Top Resources in Cfx community.
  • Enjoy Serious RP.
  • See how others enjoy Your work, which creates more enjoyment.

Depending on Your skills and what you are able to provide, We can also give incentives. ($$)

You can DM on Discord or send me a PM here.

are you still looking for a dev?

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Add me NotW4018#4018

Hey yes I am , We are currently revamping and yes we need several devs. We are working with a great budget to make something Big and impactful

COuldnt find you send me a request dakelvin#0513