Looking for Devs for my server, I just built a server and need a team of devs to take it and maintain it as a team with me

I just made a server, got it up and running and put many scripts in it. i just need help doing that and more of the learning of the background of maintaining a server, if any experienced developers or server owners would love to be apart of a serious roleplay build up from 0-100 just let me know. thank you.

The discord is already made, the job applications are done, the main things the server need are finished, so the ground work is laid out already. i now need a dedicated team of people who want to grow a server and of course make it something we can all benefit from in the future.

Add me on discord: ÆX#5891

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Just sent it

TheVale#7186 - I don’t do things quick, I do them right. You want someone who can maintain a server and learn at the same time, I’m your guy

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yessir!! sending the invite now!

Send me a message :slight_smile: Blake#4828

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about to now

Would love to help. Contract me via Discord Icmp#9723

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done about to send request

Hey if your looking for someone to help I’m here I’ve got lots of experience!

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Send me your discord and I’ll add you!

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https://discord.gg/bzTafZnF there you go bro

Hey Sir, please share your Discord server’s link to be able to support your server or just reply to this comment and I’ll invite Fivem fellas into your server.

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i got you

hey man im looking for a partner 50 50 on everything we make plz dm me when you get this