Looking for Developers, Owners, Administrators and Community Managers | Looking to hire a experienced development team | Clothes Development, Car Development and Script Development

Hello there. I am looking to find a really good development team for a upcoming server I am working on. I plan to make this server completely unique from the rest.

I’m looking to have similar scripts to most servers but a different new map.
. Lua/CSS
. Web Development
. Car Development
. In game clothing design
. Interior design


Looking for a matured team to work with, preferable 16+
Have to be skilled in your profession
Be passionate enough to stick through the startup phase

Please message me directly or contact me on discord @ exum#5936
Thank you I look forward to hearing some information back soon.

I have over 3 years of experience with car skins and scripts dm on discord: NoNutsBro#3111

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Hi I sent you a friend request on Discord. Wanted to reach out to you.

Any of these spots open if so dm Pomzy#9061 on discord

DM Kayne#9807 on discord


if u need someone who knows alot about all sorts of coding you should talk to me. i would like to help if you let me.

hey i added you