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We are currently looking for more developers to take on our team. Look below for the currently available positions.


Developer positions

Open positions | Developer – Programming Related

🔴 Lead Developer (1/1)

Lead Developer overlooks everything and communicates with administrators and managers to figure out what’s best for the community. Position is taken, so no more information about it

🔴 Senior Developer(0/2)

Senior developers are co-leaders. They overlook all departments, in this position you make the final decision on larger projects and features.

  • Senior Developers can recruit and take on more developers onto the team;
  • Contact us for more information (At the bottom of the post)
🔴 Programmer (4/5)

Regular Developers/Programmers have basic things that they have to know and it is recommended to learn another programming language or library together with the ones you already know i.e C#, Typescript

  • Basic knowledge of how to work with Git(GitHub) & FiveM local servers;
  • Basic Programming languages(Lua, JavaScript);
  • Basic understanding of Database structures;
  • Previous Experience in MySQL Databases;
  • Contact us for more information (At the bottom of the post)
🔴 React Developer (0/3)

These are the people who specialize in the making of the User Interfaces on the server. Required specialties are listed below:

  • Recommended to have basic knowledge of the things listed in the Programmer role as well
  • Basic Front-End Programming skills (HTML, CSS, JS);
  • Skills in one or more of the listed programming languages/libraries: React, Svelte or Vue;
  • Contact us for more information (At the bottom of the post)

Open positions | Developer – 3D Related

🔴 Lead 3D Artist (0/2)

These are the people who overlook the whole 3D department.

Again… there’s too much to this role to explain in a forum post. Please contact us for more information. (At the bottom of the post)

🔴 3D Modeller (1/5)

As a 3D modeller, you would create props and other things like that. Then the interior 3d mapping department would take the props and utilize them in-game.

  • 1-2 or more years of experience in these 3D modelling;
  • Experience in Blender, 3DS Max or any other poly modelling-related software, so CAD Software does not count;
  • There’s quite a lot to this so contact us for more information (At the bottom of the post)
🔴 3D Interior artist (0/5)

We couldn’t think of a good name for the said “mapper” role, so artist it is…

Specializes in making custom, unique and good-looking interiors for the server.

  • There’s quite a lot to this so contact us for more information (At the bottom of the post)

Open positions | Developer – Other

🔴 Audio Engineer (1/4)

Specializes in audio-related things for GTA V, this includes - Audio Occlusion, Sound Design, Audio Tools and more.

  • There’s quite a lot to this so contact us for more information (At the bottom of the post)

Other positions

Other positions

🟢 Marketing/PR (0/3)

Helps promote and publicize the community, and helps with other internal marketing.

🟢 Moderator (1/20)

Keeps the discord chat clean and bans the outlaws. Contact us for information

⚫ Photographer (1)

Prove to us that you make good pictures of GTA V or any other game and get the role!

⚫ Patron (0)

Financially support us through Patreon. This helps us pay for hosting fees and other services — Jajar's Studio is creating a FiveM Project | Patreon

If you are looking to take on any of the said roles, please contact us through the discord server by writing in general or privately messaging a staff member.

Discord: The Roleplayers OR Ruthy#2305
Patreon: Jajar's Studio is creating a FiveM Project | Patreon


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The post is back up! New discord and new discord link…

You can contact us in our discord server(main post) inside the #chat. Send a message and we’ll contact you

Boost! We will remake the post soon

We have redone the whole forum post!

Read above!
Looking for developers ~ Click to read more!

Boost! Updated some info

We have gained taken two more developers onto the team. We are still looking for more!

We have cleared up the main post, we are looking for more developers and regular members

We have once more updated our post to finalize all available roles. Check out the Other positions section if you aren’t looking to become a developer

We are looking for Programmers and UI developers!!

Looking for Front-end developers, best case scenario React Developers

3 out of 5 programmers. If you want to join, do it fast!!

We have a team of eight working on the project now! Check out the new available positions

We have one more spot open for the “Programmer” role

Position availability has been updated!

Announcement from Discord – Jajar

Hello guys!

I am very surprised we have gotten to such a large team, but it feels like it’s too much. That’s why we have decided to close applications for developers and no more people will be joining the team at the moment.

If we have inactive developers that don’t contribute to the project, we will have to remove them and hopefully get a more available person, so this project can go faster.

I hope I’ll get a little preview of what we’re working on soon, but that’s all we have for now!

We are looking for React Developers