Looking for Dev for new ESX server

Good day,
I am going to be making a new server soon. I am looking for a developer to help with this. Join the discord to speak to me on what it is we are looking for and need done.

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Looking for ACTIVE DISPATCH, LEO, CIV And More!!

come join us
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Looking for members

Still looking
We just merged!! with great server.
come check us out

KryptonicRP is a new server looking for new and more members, send me a message if you are interested in taking a look around at what we’ve built.

Hey Zelk!

We are currently growing our player base with new people, and you could be one of them!

We currently have 2 white list departments you could apply for. Also, we are a public server.

Hello Zelk.

Michigan State Roleplay was founded in April of 2019 and has since grown to over 1100 members. We are a whitelisted community who utilizes vMenu to encourage the free flow of roleplay and aim to accurately represent Michigan Law Enforcement as it would be experienced. We have many former, current, and aspiring law enforcement officers in our community from Michigan and around the world.

Website: https://michiganstateroleplay.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/YJpbY5R

Unforgotten Roleplay | Custom Framework | Serious Roleplay | Apply Today!!

Give tethered optic a shot! Tethered Optic RP | Brand New | Now Looking For Civilians,Dispatch,Police Officers, and Streamers | V menu Based | 14+ | 200+ Custom Scripts | https://discord.gg/gPTvzCY

¿Are you tired of Roleplay? Have you been waiting for a new gamemode in FiveM? If so, then this topic should be interesting for you!

¿What is this server?
It’s not a roleplay server, it’s a completely new idea introduced to FiveM. You start the game by spawning at the EDD (Employment Development Department), then you may start your career, either by joining civilian, criminal, police or emergency team.


Personal vehicles system: Right now we have +40 vehicles, new ones will obviously be added when the community suggests it! Once you buy a vehicle from the shop, you may control your vehicle by the control center accessible by F1.

Jobs systems: All jobs are accessible to anyone. Anyone can play the job they want. For the instant, you may play as a cop who will be paid by killing criminals. (Criminals can get money by killing cops or doing some robberies. By doing outlaw actions, criminals get wanted level which will cause them to get jailed if a police officer kills them)

Scoreboard: Press Arow Up for see Players

Civilian jobs: As a civilian, you may do multiple jobs, such as: Bus driver, trucker, fisherman, farmer, miner etc… (I’m not going to spoil everything)

Emergency: As a paramedic, you may either heal people by using /deploy.

Group system and turfs: My favourite feature, players may access groups system by F6 and create their own group. Turfing more areas means more money!!!

Armed robberies: Every 25 minutes, a new robbery will be marked to all criminals, by going there and killing the guard, you have to wait 2.5 mins in order to get paid. Your mission is to survive.

Cinema System: You have the Cinema in the big theatre. You can rent the cinema with /rentcinema, and put videos of YouTube with /video (link)

Craft System: You can craft armour for yourself, bails for get out of Prision, or Fishcake for get 100% health. Only type /craft for do that.

More and more features will be added as I see more people joining the community. My goal is to make an enjoyable place to play and to have fun with you. My project is still under development and I am waiting for your feedback to improve it. More people means more fun. I hope that you like this project!

This project has been started from scratch, so I will be very thankful for your helpful feedback!

Discord: https://discord.gg/Bz3vxYHWfH
Server name: NOT RP | CIT Cops n` Robbers, Turfs, Drugs, Groups, Civilians, Missions | cit5.net | Supported Languges: EN/AR/TR/RU/ES/FR/HI and more
IP: connect cfx.re/join/leymdj

American Life Roleplay

American Life Roleplay is looking for members. We have a dedicated team for development listening to suggestions by the community we look to create. The server has lots of interiors, vehicles, and addons for all your RP ideas. Our rules allows you to have fun, unique, and professional RP’s with minimum restrictions. ALRP also features some ESX mods allowing you to have more realistic and fun RP’s with different things to do around the map. ALRP Syndicate is also available to live out your dream of being in everything from the mob to motorcycle clubs.

In ALRP we have multiple departments anyone can apply for:
:police_car: Los Santos Police Department
:police_officer: Blaine County Sheriffs Office
:oncoming_police_car: San Andreas State Police
:man_firefighter: San Andreas Fire Rescue
:rotating_light: Dispatch

:man_police_officer: We have many subdivisions for the police to join:

-Gang Intelligence Unit

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    -Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • Natural Resources
  • SWAT and SRT
  • K9
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • Air Unit

:shirt: custom EUP and vehicles to use for every department and subdivision.

:firecracker: In ALRP we have Crime Syndicates:

  • The crime syndicate allows for restricted gang style RP to prevent chaos. The ALRP Syndicate gives you the choice to join 1 of the groups for organized crime RP. If that’s racketeering, smuggling drugs, extortion, or protection you can be certain that it will be more high risk high reward.

:oncoming_automobile: 300+ Custom Cars to use in a wide range of categories and customization options.

:man: lots of EUP customization for Civs, Police, and Fire/ EMS.

:house: lots of interiors and add on buildings for Civs, Police, and Fire/ EMS.

:moneybag: We also support ESX that allows for more interactive RP’s

We have:
Stable 30 Slot server
Lots of emotes and vMenu options
ESX implementation
Relaxed server rules and staff

If you are still looking to join a server, we offer many departments and positions. I am the current sheriff and I would love for you to be in my department, but I cannot guarantee you a spot just on word alone, you would have to prove to me you deserve it. My name is Arthur on the server, hit me up!

Hey, S1RP is a new community that strives for the best roleplaying experience on FiveM, check us out here!