Looking for community (LEO & Staff experienced)

Looking for a active community :grinning:

Some things about me before you recruit me;

〉I’m very experienced with LEO jobs & as a staff member, I’ve been staff in several communities for months-years. I’ve been through several LEO high command positions and lower ones, I have over 1000 hours in LEO experience.

〉I’m very mature / professional. I’ve lead many past departments, teams, etc in my past. I know how to setup up things, run them, & manage. I learn very fast, nice person.

〉I take things seriously I like to have fun too, always nice meeting & welcoming new people!

Leave your server & discord link please and I will consider joining your community if I find it fitting.

Discord: Disiples#90411


Still looking for a community! :slight_smile:


About: The Highpoint RP community was founded in late December of 2020 by our Owner and Co-Owner. We are a new community seeking the gain members who share a common interest in Grand Theft Auto 5 RolePlay. We are a family based community who seek to create the next vision of GTA 5 Roleplay.

All individuals who seek to join the HighPoint Roleplay community will be required to fill out the HighPoint RP community Application. After the individual fills out the application the individual will receive an email containing the status of their application within 24 hours once it has been reviewed by our recruiting team. Included in the email will be a link to our public recruiting discord. Here you will meet with the HighPoint Community owner and Co-owner for a general interview upon your application being approved.

To Apply:

Fill out our application and wait for response via email.


Highpoint RP Community Application Form

Community Rules & Regulations Guide (Required to abide by) HighPoint Role-play Community Rules & Regulations Guide - Google The HighPoint Community welcomes you as an applicant for the HighPoint RolePlay FiveM…

Recruitment Information:

  • LEO Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
  • FD Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
  • CIV Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
  • Dispatch Applications - OPEN applications in very high demand. 16+

Your community don’t have to meet all these guidelines, all that I ask is that it’s active :slight_smile:

Bump, still looking!

YoYo, we are a new up-and-coming server looking for senior staff and active members to get the ball rolling! We may be new but before our opening date we are already sitting at 30+ official whitelisted members spread throughout our 6 different departments, let me know if you are interested!

Hey bro SPRP is a new server me and a couple of friends are on mostly daily. Alot of hardwork and funds was put into the development of our server. The server looks like we put at least 6 months of work into it already. Our Server is still being constantly tweaked daily.

Currently we have one 3 story PD and 3 sheriff stations all well created. There are plenty more interiors and features I will let you check them out for yourself.

We are searching for more Civs as well. The departments will be based off LA. We our getting the uniforms tweaked as best as possible to resemble the actual LA law enforcement (Uniforms are in beta but still highly useable). Check us out you might find a fitting

Server IP:

Link: https://discord.gg/tfd7wf5WvB

_323844 v2

Im still searching! Please post your community

I believe that Cloud Nine Roleplay can fit your needs!

While we are new, and adding things. We are open to the public and would love to have you!
We have custom EUP, Vehicle Skins, and have Law Enforcement departments, that I believe could use you!

Currently Open and Accepting Applications:
-Blaine County Sherriff’s Office
-Florida Highway Patrol

We are a server looking for individuals who have experience, and are interested in keeping roleplay not only serious, but professional. Considering all of our current members are 16+ I believe this would be a great fit for you.

If you would like to speak with me, do not hesitate, you can reach me at wizzaprime#2330

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/8p4SHTQn8W

Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to see you soon!

Good Morning!

Seeking a professional evolving Grand Theft Auto roleplay experience? Becoming annoyed with the commonly accepted mediocre themed “scenario-based” experience?

Tired of consistently being engaged by the Worlds Most Wanted? Who possess arms (Firearms) that would make Uncle Sam jealous? Then apply to become a San Andreas State Trooper today where we deal with more than your average firearm!

You. Civilian. Sick of Law Enforcement Officials trumping up charges? Tired of dealing with overcompensating Troopers with an authority problem? Then apply to become a Civilian today, where we deal with more than your average LEO!

The culmination of our product is an experience that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon! Whether it’s experienced LEOs or competent Civilians, we’ve got you covered! Apply today at www.DoPJRP.com!

Tonight the DoPJRP Community is hosting an Open-Night event, where the public, is allowed to join our servers and interact with our current members!

If we are something you are interested in learning more about please contact us either by email E: [email protected] or on our Public Relations Discord. Look over these links and engage with our community!

Official Website
Official Facebook Page
Official DoPJRP Instagram
FiveM Advertisement 2021
Official Public Relations Discord

Promotional Video - San Andreas State Police Mini

Thank you,
Department of Public Justice

Hey, check us out! :slight_smile:

Core Roleplay is a serious roleplay community with a focus on a realistic economy and experience. We are a large (reaching full 64 players everyday on the server) and welcoming community that offers something for both new and experienced players! Our goal is to have a fun and immersive environment for everyone. We have an active development team that strives to create a unique experience and a dedicated staff that bring years of experience from all types of backgrounds and games.

Our Favorite Features:

  • Utilizing FiveM’s OneSync Infinity & Beyond Platform
  • Extremely Stable Server Framework
  • Realistic & Serious Roleplay
  • Realistic Economy Balancing
  • EUP Clothing Enabled
  • Custom Player Owned Houses
  • Custom Player Owned Businesses
  • Custom EUP Clothing Options
  • Custom Police MDT/CAD System
  • Custom Vehicles & Liveries
  • Custom Legal & Illegal Jobs
  • Unique Jobs
  • Hidden Illegal Activities
  • Robberies & Heists
  • Financing For Houses, Businesses, and Cars!
  • Professional Development Team
  • Dedicated & Experienced Staff
  • …and more!

Unique Jobs:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Justice
  • Weazel News
  • Hayes Autos
  • …and many more!

Check out the many pictures and stories that members of our community have posted below on our topic. Once you’re ready, head over to our Discord and join our community!

Website: https://www.core-roleplay.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/coreroleplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coreroleplay
Our forum: Core Roleplay | Serious RP | Realistic Economy | www.core-roleplay.com

(Have to be in discord in order to get the server address)

We are a realistic server still looking to grow our player base and still very much so actively developing and adding to the server. With over 200 custom interiors and over $10,000 invested into the server, you’re hard pressed to find a more dedicated team than us. We aim to find the closest balance of realism and fun. You won’t see people driving around in sports cars all the time here, you actually need to earn what you want. All of our law enforcement agencies are run by actual IRL law enforcement with over 3 decades of combined experience between the three. Feel free to check us out and find out more!

search for Concrete Jungle RP on fivem!!!

Hey mate! We’d love to have you over at MantisRP! We’re a relatively new community but everyone over there is super helpful! Lots of friendly people. Come join the Discord. We’re a UK themed server so there’s tons of cool stuff. We even have cayo perico! https://discord.gg/YctuwGsNfj

▬▬▬ Coruscant Roleplay ▬▬▬

CoruscantRP is a new Roleplay server with lost of:
⦁ Unique Scripts
⦁ Custom MLO’s
⦁ Custom cars and bikes
⦁ Alot of legal and illegal jobs
⦁ Player owned stores and gasstations
⦁ Eurotrucker Job
⦁ Racing
We are aiming for Hard Roleplay , with a realistic economy.
We are currently hiring Police , EMS and Mechanics.
Join us now to receive a Free City Starting Kit and extra rewards for referring players to the city.
See you there !
Discord : https://discord.gg/AB2XGrwc

Add me if you want to start on a new community: Very good scripted and optimized city!

Discord: Siplon#7667