Looking for Co-Owner/Dev for QBCore serv

Hello, I am working on a project eco server. Currently in need of a Co-Owner for the server, all expenses for server hosting are taken care of by myself, and a good amount of configuration can be handled by me. I’m looking for a mature, semi experienced management team, as well as developers, marketing, department leads, gang leaders, we’re starting from the ground up to do it right as a community-developed server!

shady#1794 on discord let’s build a community together!


Also adding, the server is already up and running, and paid for. Just getting it configured!



Still need someone who’s got with sql and LUA, that can do polyzones!

Bump! Still looking for department heads and staff!

Bump, still need devs for this QBCore server! We’re are in the alpha stage currently and offer great rewards for helping grow the community! The Dev position is a PAID POSITION

I’ve added you. Sinester#4715