Looking for an active server

I have a group of adults looking to run law enforcement agency to a realistic standard. hmu if interested

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Hello Dan_Pleasant i just seen your post looking for a server to set a business up we have a very small community on our server and we are planning and trying to grow our city is called TheFramework where serious RP is essential we are not whitelisted but looking for new players and even feedback if you dont like the city our player base is not active due to its a new city if you and your friends would like to come and take a look feel free too yous are all welcome

Discord: https://discord.gg/mRknTD

Hey there Dan!

We are a quickly growing community with a good player base for all of our servers. We are getting ready to launch our RedM one, feel free to check us out!

Hello Dan, Im Chris otherwise known as Du_plex on discord. I have recently (Yesterday) Started a fivem server and I am looking for mature people and experienced people to run my State Police. You sound like you would fit in. My community is called San Andreas State Roleplay and I am willing to give this position to you and the group of adults. You can join my discord here:https://discord.gg/R3NPJzH