Looking for a whitelisted rp server

Hello, Im looking for a whitelisted rp server where I dont have to do an interview to join, Instead its just an application. I also would prefer active LEO and EMS online, but thats optional.

Do any of you know a server like this?

Here is our server The Framework we are a very low player count trying to get on our feet we have put over 1 year of hard work into our city from cop to crim side even a education system. We are whitelisted and push for realism as much as possible Cayo Perico has been removed

Untold Roleplay!
Your life, Your Story!

Here at Untold Roleplay, we try to make a realistic yet fun and immersive roleplay experience. We are a community created by two friends who saw a real need for more immersive and realistic, yet fun, roleplay. We are a 16+, whitelisted, ESX server. We have many options for anyone joining our city to live the life they choose to. They include:

  • Whitelisted Jobs such as San Andreas Highway Patrol, San Andreas Emergency Medical Services, San Andreas Department of Transportation/Mechanic.
  • Looking for SAEMS leadership (IRL and/or roleplay experience required).
  • Looking to fill countless positions within the SAHP.
  • Countless legal and illegal jobs to choose from.
  • Additional custom scripts such as custom CAD/MDT, vehicle remote, and NoPixel inspired scripts.
  • Custom HUD.
  • Many licenses to choose from besides weapons and drivers. Do you want to legally grow and sell weed? You can, with a weed license!
  • Custom Cars.
  • Addon SAHP and SAEMS cars.
  • Governor role that is to be voted on by the members (to come later).
  • And much more!

If you would like to become a member of this growing community please join the discord here and fill out a whitelist application. We look forward to you joining our family!

Check us out in my post @DifferentFear