💥 Looking for a truly custom server? MadRabbit Gaming has you covered!


-=MadRabbit Roleplay=-

If you are looking for an advanced RP experience come check out MadRabbit RP.
We have developed a server to offer features that will keep its players engaged.

-= Server Features =-

  • All DLC Vehicles
  • Advanced Vehicle Customization (see below for details)
  • Advanced Drugs with Effects (see below for details)
  • Power Grid (needs maintained to prevent power outages)
  • Custom built Inventory
  • Crafting
  • Vehicle odometers
  • Multiple Performance Shops to purchase and run
  • Multiple Dealerships to purchase and run
  • Furnishable Housing (Loaf) Furniture modified to serve a purpose
  • No Garages (Vehicles stay on map, you can see cars parked at players houses, etc…)
  • Workout to increase your peds performance
    Plus MANY more features…

-= Advanced Vehicle Customization =-
We at MadRabbit understand people want their vehicle to be unique, and since theres no “void” that your car goes into when offline, it is always on display.
We have taken the extra time to develop and ensure you can create the most unique car possible.

  • Engine Swaps (changes performance and custom vehicle sound to match real life engine)
  • 2" Lowering Kits / 4" and 6" Lift Kits
  • Performance Tires
  • Performance Brakes
  • Performance Transmissions
  • Single and Twin Turbo Kits
  • Server sided vStancer

-= Advanced Drugs =-
Drugs seem to stay the same in every server. Not in MadRabbit.
We have developed a system that is unique and fun.

  • Steal recipe items to make your drugs
  • Buy a house, place a drug maker down and use it to cook your various drugs
  • Bag your drugs and knock on the door in the shady backalley to find out where the buyer is
  • Use the drugs yourself for visual and player performance effects

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This is a brand new server!! Come see the amazing things available today!

Alot of awesome custom mods you can do!! Come build your dreamcar now in ways no other server offers.

Want the most absolutely custom vehicle system? check out these videos from the server…

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