Looking for a streamer friendly RP server

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Timothy. I am currently in between servers right now which led me here. I am looking for a Semi Serious RP server that is heavily focused on good roleplay, is streamer friendly, and story arcs welcome. Please let me know if anyone has anything

Hey Timothy! We’d love to have you over at Vital Rp! Its serious rp but were laid back, we have rules and all that just read them and see if your ok with it! VITAL RP

Always welcoming new players!

Terra Isles Roleplay!

We’re a FiveM community currently focused on vMenu Story-Driven Roleplay! On a unique journey and create a community unlike any other. We have made it our mission to create a community which embodies our values of professionalism, realism and quality.

We have been disappointed by other communities that offer generic, boring, unrealistic and oftentimes simple roleplay. We have taken our experiences and implemented a whole new mindset which will allow us to stand out from the crowd and become the new standard for realistic roleplay within FiveM.

Are you tired of being gunned down instantly? Seeing a random homeless man teleport around the map? Well, that doesn’t occur here.

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HEY Waffle,

Introducing Final RP, a new genuine RP server crafted by dedicated roleplayers for roleplayers. Our team of three brings together a passion for distinct RP elements: gangs/drugs, LEOS/EMS, and immersive civilian gameplay. We believe these components intertwine to create a more immersive RP experience. At Final RP, integrity is paramount. You won’t find any pay-to-win features here. Businesses, gang headquarters, and cosmetics can only be acquired with in-game currency, ensuring fairness and preserving the essence of roleplay. We’re constantly pushing out new updates and actively listening to our community. Join us and dive into a world where every decision matters and the story unfolds through collaborative storytelling.

Gangs & Drugs:
Customizable Gang Headquarters: Whitelisted gangs can own custom MLOS headquarters equipped with lockable doors, garages, and a gang stash. Drug Warehouses: Facilities for gangs to cultivate and process drugs. Real-Time Plant Growth: A custom script developed by our developer allows players to plant cannabis and coca, witnessing their growth in real-time. Drug Processing: Players can dry plants and create various products such as weed oils or butters, as well as produce cocaine powder. Varied Plant Strains: Plants feature diverse growing properties, with weekly releases of new strains to expand the selection. Lucrative Profits: Sell drugs to NPCs or in bulk to a specialized seller for substantial profits.

Realistic LEOS & EMS:
Detailed Penal Codes: Immersive PD and DOJ roleplay facilitated by in-depth city penal codes. PD Protocol: Police officers will refer to penal codes to determine appropriate charges and fines for criminals. DOJ Oversight: The Department of Justice ensures law enforcement adherence to established laws. Fleshed-Out Legal System: A comprehensive legal system featuring lawyers and judges to handle disputes, convict on charges, and file lawsuits against departments. Detailed Health Audits: EMS conduct thorough health assessments, providing specific information on player injuries for accurate treatment. For instance, a gunshot to the leg will indicate leg damage requiring gauze for treatment. Custom LEO Gear: High-quality uniforms and vehicles for law enforcement, complete with functional sirens and lights, enhancing the immersive experience.

Civilian Roleplay:
Immersive Jobs: Engage in detailed civilian jobs like oil rig worker, lumberjack, trash collector, and much more. Perform tasks such as picking up trash, operating boats to reach oil rigs, and chopping down trees. Jobs can be undertaken solo or collaboratively with teams tackling different aspects. Player-Owned Establishments: Own or work at restaurants or nightclubs, with options to set employee uniforms, cook dishes using stove ingredients, or hire strippers for nightclubs. Mechanic Shops: Customizable mechanic shops with a wide range of car parts for upgrades and customization, ensuring an immersive experience. No Pay-to-Win: All businesses are purchasable with in-game currency, emphasizing immersive roleplay over monetary advantages. Marriage System: Host beautiful weddings with a judge officiating for legal marriage recognition. Fitness System: Improve stamina and strength by hitting the gym or going for a run. Pier Activities: Hang out at the pier with friends or a date, enjoying interactive rollercoasters, bumper cars, and other rides. Pets: Keep loneliness at bay with pet companions that can follow you around and perform tricks.

In summary, Final RP is not just another roleplay server; it’s a meticulously crafted world where every aspect is designed to enhance immersion and engagement. As a new server bursting with features like realistic gang dynamics, detailed law enforcement procedures, and a plethora of civilian activities, we invite you to join us. Whether you’re exploring diverse job opportunities, starting your own business, or simply enjoying leisure activities with friends, Final RP offers endless possibilities for immersive serious roleplay experiences. Come and be a part of our growing community, where your adventures await!


Are you still looking for a city to call home?

Come check out Auspire Roleplay! We are vMenu, with a lot of custom features!

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Hi there!

I am inviting you to check out Blue Valor Roleplay! We are a Life/Economy based server that is looking to change the way roleplay is done!

Most servers require you to submit annoying and pesky applications, BEFORE you even get to try out the server! Well at Blue Valor, we do not require any applications to get in!

We want FiveM to be fun again! We have taken away the toxic chain of command systems and the annoying application processes!

As we are a new server, this solidifies your ability to create new stories, enhance the community around you, create new jobs, new gangs and leave your mark on the Server and the community around it.

Feel free to check out our server! Hope to see you there!