Looking For A Server

Hey there, I’m Blaze, 24 years old, and I’ve got experience as an EMT-B and firefighter IRL . Currently on the lookout for a TEMPORATY server To Join SAFD or SAFR.

Here’s what I’m after:

  • QBCore Preferred, or FX .
  • Whitelisted would be great but not required.
  • Looking for a mature crowd, ideally 16+ or 18+.
  • Keep it aligned with GTA5 lore no state-based or County based please.
  • Need at least 8- 10 active players per patrol.
  • Serious RP only, no squeakers or cringey stuff tolerated
  • a well-developed server with minimum to no bugs
  • Stuff to do for SAFD or SAFR

Please respond with your ad preferably a YouTube video or pictures of your community

Come check out Auspire Roleplay! We are vMenu, with a lot of custom features!

Public Discord

Hey EMT Blaze!
We match all but the 8-10 active players per patrol, primarily due to launching on the 14th of April, although we are actively recruiting!

Full list of what we have is below:

  • Heavily modified QB-Core framework (which enables us to integrate custom features without limitations)
  • Whitelisted applications for new players. This helps us perform quality check on RPers that are joining, and verifying that they are indeed 18+
  • Entirely GTA5 lore based, no odd lores here!
  • Check here regarding the development state, as we provide detailed changelogs nearly every single day. It should give you an insight of the work and dedication we put into this.

If this happens to tickle your interest, head over to our Discord! We hope to see you there :grinning:

Im Still looking

New Life Roleplay would love to have you and your friends come join us!! We are looking for gangs, State Troopers, Fire-EMS, business owners and more!!

Discord: NEW LIFE | RP

You can check out a few of our videos here:
Tiktok: TikTok - Make Your Day

Medal: Untitled - Clipped with Medal.tv

Hey Blaze!

Our server fits your bill well. We are a new server, but Have most bugs worked out. Join our discordfor more info. Southeast Roleplay



Hello Blaze,

The San Andreas Fire Department at Family RP is hiring! We offer a detailed medical system that allows you to perform a physical assessment on the patient revealing the inquires and how you should treat them. Our citizens also count on SAFR for technical rescues, fire suppression, water/dive rescues, helicopter transports as well as medical standbys for events. We offer a unique path of progression within the department to make sure you are bettering yourself as well as providing a great overall service to the community.

Website: www.FamilyRP.net
Discord: Family RP
TikTok: TikTok - Make Your Day
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FamilyRP

Check out Borderline RP, I think you will fit in great! Borderline RP | Whitelisted vMenu

Come check us out!