⭐ Looking for a server that is new/in development

Hey there! My name is Brady I have been in the FiveM community for a few years now. Myself and a buddy of mine are looking for a new community that is currently building.

Feel free to shoot me a message on discord so we could maybe get into a voice channel!

Check us out! Join our discord and dm keaton. [NEW SERVER] ADOJRP | American Department of Justice Roleplay

For anyone who added me recently, add me again I accidentally rejected all of them

check us out discord.gg/TangoRP

We are definitely new and definitely building. Check us out!
NEW! Small Community [Looking for players] || SPRP || Custom Interiors, Cars, Houses, Clothing, Weapons etc.|| Police, EMS, Firefighter, Sheriff || 15+ Civ Jobs || Many Illegal Jobs & Activities|| No Allow list :sunglasses:|| - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Cfx.re Community

Check us out! Rusty Ranch Roleplay | Whitelisted | New Server! | Serious RP | 100+ Custom Cars! | (15+)

We are in the beta stages. This is a second FiveM server that is separate from my fivepd gamemode.

Hello, Come check us out!
The server is newer and still progressing in development were also recruiting high ranks.
Our website is : https://pjrpfivem.com
[NEW] 👑 Project Justice RP | DOJ | New! | TS: pjrpfivem| ESX/vMenu | Massachusetts Based | LEO - FIRE - CIV | 2021 - #53 by J_parker25

▬▬▬ Coruscant Roleplay ▬▬▬

CoruscantRP is a new Roleplay server with lost of:
⦁ Unique Scripts
⦁ Custom MLO’s
⦁ Custom cars and bikes
⦁ Alot of legal and illegal jobs
We are aiming for Hard Roleplay , with a realistic economy.
We are currently hiring Police , EMS and Mechanics.
Join us now to receive a Free City Starting Kit and extra rewards for referring players to the city.
See you there !
DISCORD : https://discord.gg/xFp782H6