Looking for a server needing LEO help.

Hi I’m Josh I’m 18 I’ve been an LEO on FiveM for around 3 years I have accumulated over 1200 hours during that time.

I’ve got a lot of experience in VMENU servers mainly but am willing to try out ESX. I also personally believe I am a great LEO, I have lots of documents for different departments and can provide great leadership.

The reason why I’m creating a post is because the server I was in was recently attacked and forced to shut down. This being the last straw for the owners caused them to not want to start up again which has forced me to have nowhere to go.

These are some of my previous experiences:

Liberty Roleplay:

Commander for BCSO - Fifth in Command

Lieutenant Colonel for SAHP - Second in Command

Agent for FIB - Patrolman/No Command

(Like most servers only the most elite LEO are invited to attempt to join FIB, which is why I have put this as experience as it shows my ability)

(2000 Players 50+ Active)

Mountain View Roleplay:

Major for BCSO - High Command Position

Chief Deputy for BCSO - 3rd in Command

Assistant Chief for LSPD - 2nd in Command

(1000+ Players, 30 Active)

Lakeside Roleplay:

Lieutenant Colonel for the BCSO - 5th in Command

Deputy Commissioner for the SAST - 2nd in Command

Deputy Director for the FIB - 2nd in Command

(2500 Players, 50 Active)

I’m mainly looking for a server that is new and actually wants to thrive/has the assets or funds to do so or an already thriving server that is in need of outer help. If you would like to contact me my discord is:

Thanks in advance,

we just launched and have a lot of positions open