Looking for a realistic group?

Hello I am currently Deputy of BCSO aka [D84] Blitzen M. I am making this post to look for more people who are actually focused on roleplay and this does mean Quality over quanity roleplay If you want a lot of roeplays or want to do a lot of priorities this is not the server for you. As we do have rules just like any other server being our Civ department, being you can dual clan and not be against our rules. But for our LEO department you can play on other servers but not be whitelisted being our only dual clan policy is with LEO. We are a really cool server you do have we do run through an FX menu on F1. We do have the Vmenu but this is strictly for LEO use only. (Going on patrol) I really know their are plenty of people out there who want a server like this as everything that is posted on the link below is true I hope the best we only accept the ones who put effort into their application.

This is just some of the stuff we offer roleplay wise.
Look it up on youtube

FiveM LEO RP | LIVE Patrol :movie_camera: #4: BCSO Sheriff Patrol in the County (MLRP 4.0)