Looking for a populated server vmenu and possibly easy application's for leo or no application's for leo

Hello this post has been reopened for the 100th time it feels like i am now looking for a server that doesn’t have allowlist/whitelist and just a slightly populated server about 10 to 15 people my pc can barely hold 20 a server with admins that won’t say “shut up” when me or my friends defend ourselfs when being accused of something and vmenu if you can help me thank you if not thanks anyway for stopping by to see what i’m talking about, One more thing if possible the lmk if the server has any of these cars and easy application’s for leo or no application for leo thanks have a great day (:

Picture’s of the cars


Hey Niko! We do not have old style cars but we have everything else. Check us out here https://forum.cfx.re/t/state-of-urgency-rp-professional-roleplay-www-sourp-net

I might check it out

I’m guessing there’s no server dedicated to old cop cars?

Well, I dont know any “old-styled” severs. But what do you mean “old” ? Are you talking about the 90’s , 80’s or the middle age? Please dont get me wrong, Im just trying to help a bit out. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed some server you’re looking for recently, but I can’t recall it’s name. You will have to look for it…

90s 80s 70s and 60s

Hey Niko! Sadly, we do not have the type of vehicles you are looking for. But, we are a public server if you’d like to check us out! We are currently growing our player base, and you could be apart of it.

I might idk

Maybe something likes this or something or just any old cop cars

Or this again if possible

This is the one I was talking about earlier


I tried that one once i don’t really like economy servers thanks for trying to help though (:

Again if possible

I appreciate everyone trying to help but it seems like there is no server that has this pack or all retro cars but if you do know a server please let me know thank you

Again if anyone knows

no need to bump the topic every couple hours, there is a 24 hour limit.

Let me know if there’s a server with this pack

or just 90s cop cars let me know

I will be willing to add a older style PD car for you in our server.

You’ll like it here.

You don’t have to if you don’t want to man thanks though