Looking for a place to call home? Welcome home!

  • Department of Cops Roleplay Whitelisted | vMenu w/ Framework and Standalone Economy -
    ===Hello, we are one of many FiveM whitelisted servers, we have many of the same features as other servers, but one thing that differs from us is our intent for good RP. We don’t do this by copying large whitelisted servers. We make our own fun expierence. With trained and mature staff that enforce rules and help recruit we see no issue getting troubled RPers disiplined and/or removed.===

  • Female and Male Addon civ EUP, around 30 per gender and more added every day!

  • What do we have to offer? -
    (.) Custom EUP made by our server’s developers and Graphics team.
    (.) Teamspeak 3 server, CAD/MDT System (Quality over Quantity)
    (.) Staff members and command members of departments that spend time on the server, they do more than what many other servers request of these ranks.
    (.) Custom Scripts and a Custom Framework
    (.) AI Robbery script that provides an illegal yet entertaining act of criminality
    (.) Various User Interfaces such as a ATM UI, Jail UI, and many more!
    (.) Many different LEO Divisions such as Major Crimes, Cainine, Aviation
    (.) Organized discord, all in one spot, clean, minimal channels
    (.) Open ranks for departments all the way up to 03 spots (High command ranks)
    (.) Civilian vehicles and many MLOs for everyone to use
    (.) RP is both Los Santos and Blaine County
    (.) Departments: BCSO LSCSO SAST SAFR
    (.) Open Staff Applications

If you need any further information - contact Reef#9448 on discord