Looking for a liberty city roleplay server

No i will def add some… i been meaning to do so. i do however have older civiilian cars like 65 mustang etc

Ok i appreciate it man really, if i do join do you guys have vmenu?

We have a limited vMenu for Staff… everything is ESX

Oh ok what is ESX is that a trainer or a menu? sorry i just never heard of it i’m used to vmenu

Economy / LifeRP so instead of spawning a car you goto a dealership and buy one. want to change your outfit goto a clothing store etc

Oh ok

The community I run has plans for our second server to be entirely retro-themed. All retro vehicles, including for AI. The server will be set in 1992, with vehicles from the 80s to 1992, all lore friendly because our main server is lore. I’ll try and let you know when we start it up.

Thank you also if you can let me know if there’s going to be application’s and how hard or easy they are and if it has vmenu manly vmenu though thank you really

At this point i’m just looking for a server that has vmenu and this car 96 crown vic if you do know one please let me know

So i’m guessing nobody has a 1996 crown victoria in they’re server?

Hey buddy I have been looking through your post and It is sad to see that everyone who is posting is ignoring what you are asking for. (Only a few have actually responded that know what you are saying). My server does indeed have vMenu. We are also creating an Old style server in the future. It will feature many old LEO vehicles and civ vehicles. Many maps will also be somewhat older. If that interests you, feel free to join up with my community. We would love to have someone with your tastes influencing our community! Besides I would be happy to add in the older style LEO vehicles to our current server. All you got to do on your part is join an LEO department :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards,
Founder of RosaRP,
Skila Zedrick

Thanks man (:

How long until it’s up (just asking no rush just curious)

We are bringing it out as a 2nd server once we start comfortably hitting a good size community.

Anyone else know a server that has kitt from knight rider from the 80s?

My server currently doesn’t have all of the old cars, but I can add them if you want them in there. Still in development so anything is possible.

Again if somebody has this please let me know

My server will have those old style cars soon, but it’s economy based.

We have this vehicle added. we are a doj based server with vMenu
not all out cars are old tho.

What’s you’re server called?