Looking for A Good Laid-Back RP Server

I am looking for a good laid-back RP server that is either white-listed or not white-listed. I am a new player, so I would love to join a server which is easy on newbies and chill. I am looking to get experience on the civilian side of things, but I am open to anything. I look forward to hearing back from you all, and thank you for considering me.

Hello, Come check us out!
Our website is : https://pjrpfivem.com
[NEW] 👑 Project Justice RP | DOJ | New! | TS: pjrpfivem| ESX/vMenu | Massachusetts Based | LEO - FIRE - CIV | 2021 - #53 by J_parker25

Good Afternoon Mate!

Before continuing I recommend you come onto our discord and speak with our recruitment staff about the opportunities available!

If we are something you are interested in learning more about please contact us either by email E: [email protected] or on our Public Relations Discord.

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Thank you,
Department of Public Justice

I’m in a new server that opened a little bit ago looking for members https://discord.gg/TRRcRpz5zj

I appreciate all of the responses so far, but I am still looking for the perfect fit for me. Thank you!