Looking for a good EMS/FIRE chief Look no further!

I am currently looking for a community who is in need of a mature and dependable leader to take over their EMS/FIRE Department. I can create SOP’s and other training material to suit the departments needs and the Owners/Directors vision. I am looking for a serious RP server, so if you are interested please let me know. I am also willing to be available as an Admin to help with server related duties such as moderation and enforcing rules.

Discord: UnEducatedCunt#3497

Kind regards,
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I just added you on discord. I am masonpackers_#0001

Oh boy do i have an offer for you

Hello UneducatedCuz Are you still looking for developers? The discord username was not letting me add you but here is mine if it’s still open Spittons™#0411



Hey if your still wanting a position as ems then join discord.gg/quantumroleplay. Currently in need of EMS command. Full dispatch system with Mdw support soon.

Are you still looking for an EMS chief position?