Looking for a friendly RP server for getting back into RP


Im Looking for a friendly, active community that I can join to get back into RP after a long break, im 20 and from scotland so a uk server would be preferred, im up for learning to be a officer or paramedic or whatever really, im a friendly guy and am happy to play with anyone and I think I would fit right in with any community. I do have tourette syndrome and anxiety but this should not affect anything I do on your server apart from maybe being a bit more anxious than your average player so ideally i would be looking for a server that could put in that extra support and/or time if needed.



add me on discord @cryptic#4200

Vixity would be happy to have you! We’re in beta and just launched.

We just launched at SinCityRP if you’re wanting to check us out :slight_smile:

FORGE | Serious-RP, meaningful storylines through quality RP | Mature RP | Active community | Whitelist | Economy-based RP & Jobs | Criminal life | Justice system | AND MORE! Come check us out!!

Project Name: Forge
Discord: FORGE

  • Serious Roleplay, meaningful storylines through quality RP.
  • Active and Tight Knit Community
  • Economy Based RP & Jobs
  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Criminal Life
  • Full Justice System
  • Community Events

Do you have what it takes to become successful in the city of Los Santos? Will you become a criminal mastermind owning your empire? Or will you take on these criminals and fight for justice as the Sheriff? Either way, Los Santos is the city of your dreams and you have the chance to experience it. What are you waiting for? Start applying for your spot now! FORGE

Rules & Guidelines: FORGE RP - Rules & Guidelines - Google Docs

Hi, @NuttyRabbit

Stop by and check out Ganga Haven Role Play,

  • We are currently looking for EMS, POLICE & STAFF of ALL RANKS !!!, Just ask for Brad, Cope , Goat or Martin ! if interested in a position or just come play as a Civillian !!!

Have a look at our forum page here : GHRP FORUM LINK

We look forward to seeing you in the city !!!

At Devise we believe irl comes first, 100%. We do value realistic rp, but we like to have fun and do not penalize members who can’t be in all the time or have irl things that affect their game play.

We have a growing community and are actively recruiting. You would be very welcome here. We are in need of medics too, if that is something you are interested in!

We have a range from newbies to veteran roleplayers in our small but growing community and we are actively seeking more to join us! Come check it out!

Hey There! Project Roleplay is a very accommodating, friendly roleplay server that is due to launch in a few days. We are highly immersive and provide excellent roleplay to the community! We are also recruiting for any job!

Sunshine State RP