🔵 Looking for a FiveM Developer? - Then this is the post you may want to read!

You cant read lil bro

Hey do you mind putting in some contact details

heyt man add mystery2711. i can for sure. I had developed for a couple years but have stopped. Looking to kick it back in high gears and start again. I got some ideas that i think would def help u. Hope to talk to u soon!

Juneegatti on Discord!!

fxmanifest is incomplete and cannot be fully executed each time the server is restarted. Has anyone edited it to read all metafiles? Can you share that with us?

Designer Life RP If your available, can you join my discord? Looking for a dev to help me out.

im new to fivem im building a server struggling with a few scripts looking for some advice and help

Are you still looking? Know it’s a long time since you posted it.

add me, jaythedev

add me - jaythedev

Sorry for long response time, will do now!, wimpan. is the name.

Greetings! @HXVRMXN.dev Im the Director/Founder of an Upcoming community called SunscapeRP. We are looking to have some EUP work done & possibly more later down the road if you’d be interested. Let’s connect on our discord server in a VC to chat more!
Click Me! (Discord)

Hey man I know you said you prefer a v-menu server but I do think it’s worth checking is out as it’s something very new and not really seen before. You can contact me at mystery2711

Hello I was wondering if you’d like to be a dev for my new server I’m just now starting it back up after having to stop my server for awhile due to some inconveniences so I’m so lost on this whole dev thing because it’s been awhile but don’t know how to message on here

Contact me on Discord @auditz


Still looking for a Dev?

looking for a dev for a vmenu server