Looking for a Developer (New RP Server) - Updated

Good Morning All,

Hope everyone is doing well and are having a great Evening / Day!

We are in the process of creating a RP Server and am looking for developers to join our community and aid in it’s creation and development. We have Server setup already (Still WIP) and have done a lot things to it thus far and at least have a showcase to show what we are looking for but I lack the scripting experience to complete my vision (I have the understanding of scripting, just lack experience to achieve what I want ATM but am constantly learning).

Currently we have a lot of activities setup in terms of Jobs, Legal and Illegal Activities

We already have a Lead Developer with us and are looking a few more to join us, ideally the person we are looking for is someone with ESX Experience and loyalty to the project and wants to be apart of a community (preferably for the long run) not only just as a Developer but hopefully a friend as well as someone who will join in on the RP itself once the server goes live.

Just to make it clear this isn’t just a I want a RP Server! The vision is to have it end up being up there with all the other great RP Servers. There is a lot of work going into it in terms of back stories and settling the realism of what the server will be (RP wise), along with things such as Jobs, Economy, Activities etc etc.

One thing that is sure we are dedicated to put in the time and effort needed to make it a great server, and to have likeminded individuals join us to make that a reality will ultimately give us the opportunity to create something that we all love and can enjoy.

If anyone is interested, please do let me know by sending me a DM with your Discord.

hit me up if ya need any assistance

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Brilliant! Thanks @DuncanEll will DM you shortly.

Dm me Guardian#0344

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Hi @coreman89 will add you, thanks for reaching out! :smiley:

samsung fridge#6969

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Hey what’s your discord id?

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I won’t be able to join fully as a dev, but would be open to help at any time when I’m free!

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Thank you very much @pathest I’ve added you on Disco :smiley:

Hey @Sinester will DM it to and thanks it is much appreciated :smiley:

Really appreciated it @AbelGaming thank you very much :smiley:

Keep in mind you can not pay for “developers”.

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@Painwithin thank you very much for your feedback, it is much appreciated!

@Biczak this is brilliant, likeminded individuals are definitely what we are looking for.

To all the Dev’s whom have shown interest @DuncanEll @coreman89 @pathest @Sinester @AbelGaming @Biczak @envybrycee I’ll invite you all to our D and we will arrange a wee chat so we may all get to know each other as well as let you know our vision and we can take it from there as to who would like to assist be it just to help or to stay on or even to advise, regardless you are all welcome to be apart of the community for as long as you like even if it’s just a place to chill and chat :smiley:

We are still looking for Developer to join our Community and build an absolutely legendary RP experience :smiley:

Hello dm me on discord Tazer.#0001