Looking for a Developer (FiveM server/Discord)

Yeah I know. I already had the experience. But maybe there are some people who actually want to help like a friend I met here. But thank you anyways!

I wish the forum mods actually cared about the Bazaar section literally every single advertisement on the main page by a “experienced developer” is fake.

Kinda sad ik. After that they will say yeah I can do it and then they are trying to steal your scripts or smth. Just sad



oh, I known this song “Bump bump bump” B2K, P. Diddy - Bump, Bump, Bump (Official Music Video) - YouTube :rofl:

:rofl: @Gyzzmo

still searching for a developer!

Hey Treatz,

We have a whole backbone of custom script developers and individuals who can help achieve your needs for your server, my team consist of university degrees and certificates qualifying the needs of Fivem server development,

Feel free to open a ticket.


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i can help you man

Are you a developer?

Yes! :smiley:

I have a few years experience in C#, Lua, HTML and CSS and about two years experience in FiveM specifically

add me 3sixoh#2025