Looking for a Developer // Drxw#3031

Greetings :vulcan_salute: my fellow Cfx Community Members,

In a quest to create a vMenu roleplay server, I’ve hit a brick wall in certain aspects of development. As a result, I come to you, the community, in the hopes of having a Developer join me in my quest. Below, I’ve listed some of the requirements that I’m searching for:

Developer Requirements:

  • Knowledge with Vehicle Modding
  • Knowledge with EUP Modding (optional)
  • Experience with Installing Scripts
  • Recommened : Prior experience

The server in which I hope to make is a unique, realistic, public vMenu server. I understand that public vMenu servers have a reputation for their unrealism, however, my experience has shown me that with the right scripts, right staff, and proper rules, it is possible to create a solid roleplay experience.

With that being said, if any of you readers are interested in joining me, please send me a DM via Discord: Drxw#3031!


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