Looking for a dev

hello every one hope im posting in the right place

im on the look out for a dev to help maintain/fix a server just starting up be come part of a family
p.s i believe its going to esx
any recommendations or point in the right direction

thanks for taking the time to check this post

P.S. QBUS isn’t the correct or right framework. The legit and verified framework is named QBCore which has been fully checked and validated by Cfx.re.

So hopefully, that clears up any confusion :sweat_smile: QBUS = Bad (leakers) and QBCore = Good and verified :wink: :+1:

Also, if you want any help I’m more than happy to help :slight_smile: Just keep bumping the post every 24hr’s and with a reason and hopefully a developer should come along and try to help you :slight_smile: Just be careful on who helps you and who you trust because no everyone has good intentions :slight_smile:

yeah sorry im sure its goin to be esx bin talking about qbcore but going to stay with esx what sort of things can you do are you any good at scripting

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do you have discord?

Send me a message on the discord!
My Discord NotW4018#4018

Hi I know this is off topic.
If you need any EMS/Fire chief with experience , Sonoran CAD Specialist HMU up on discord


If you are thinking about doing a esx server, i dont care to help with development and showing you the ropes of it.

I’ve been developing FiveM server especially ESX server for several years. I would be happy to assist you where I can. DM me on discord @Soap#2104

sorry guys the group are now thinking of going qbcore framework but still looking for a dev to help out regularly

Esx is way better and easier

And also, you can easily find esx custom scripts on forum instead of spending a lot of your time and your budget to find some resources for qbcore

Hey, what is your discord so we can talk?

print('Kayne is wanting to help you`)

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