Looking for 3D Voice + Radio solution that works with OneSync OFF

Hey guys,

I’m curious if you use or have stumbled upon any good 3D Voice that works without OneSync.
We were using mumble-voip earlier, although had to turn off onesync and since that, we do not have anything that works.

Ability to have and use in-game radio would be a plus, although is not required.

Thanks in advance!

Is there a reason why you needed to turn off onesync?


@frenzy-renegade any liaising you can do here to get them to not be all like ‘hey disable onesync or our stuff won’t work’?

I’d actually love to run both OneSync and FivePD as it both solves a lot of our issues with scripting and with features (as lot of them are designed with OS in mind), although we’re having massive issues with callouts when OneSync is on.

We’re looking into this issue internally, although are in need of temporary solution, henceforth this post.

And yeeeeah, our community voted FivePD over OneSync ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Technically there should be a toggle to just enable the Mumble bits even without 1s enabled, but that requires patching game code so the built-in voice system doesn’t even try working in that case (as otherwise you end up with a weird double-mixture), but it’s also the case that resources really shouldn’t ‘not work with 1s’ in 2021 since non-1s is very much an unintended mode these days and doesn’t work on newer game builds either.